What is the Fee for Expat Children at Saudi Government Schools?

Saudi Arabia is a country of diverse culture. People around the world visit Saudi Arabia and even live here. We are a country of diversity and this diversity has helped us in multiple ways. We feel honored to serve different nationals. It is delightful to see expats living here with their families.

Some expats have been living here since generations. Their children have bought up here and now their grandchildren are having education in Saudi Arabia. Even though we might be having some issues regarding the expat dependent fee, but some steps had to be taken to diversify the economy.[irp]

The Saudi economy could not have always relied on oil revenues, someday we had to take these steps. But expats, when your children go and study at public schools in Saudi Arabia, they do not pay any fee. I mean, public school can actually charge differently towards expats!

See public utilities are for the citizens of the country not for everyone. I hereby do not mean to discriminate, but we need to focus on the facts. There is a number of countries around the world where expat children are charged differently at public schools then nationals. This is a common practice.

Economies need revenue from different sectors to grow and the educational sector is a viable sector for the very purpose. In some countries, nationals can access free books and other free services but expats would be charged for them. More than 1 million expat students study in public schools at Saudi Arabia.

No extra fee is imposed on them. They are enjoying education, utilities, and other services at the same price as Saudi nationals. Our public schools are providing national and expat students with free books. Yet we can charge non-Saudi students differently.

This shall not be taken with any negativity. You see, nationals are the first priority and they have the right over public utilities. I don’t ask for a very high fee for such services, but small fees can help our educational sector to provide with adequate revenues to diversify the economy.

Looking at the economic dimensions, this is a viable decision that can help our economy to boost.  The educational sector, around the world, is largely contributing towards the growth of the economy. The public and private institutions both are working for the progress of their country.

It has been proposed by Mr. Yasser Al-Behaijan that the Saudis and Expat children should be charged differently in Public and Private Schools by imposing additional fee towards expat students. I guess any step for the betterment of the economy of Saudi Arabia shall be welcomed happily than sharing negativity and criticism over them.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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