What is the best time for Tahajjud prayer?

Tahajjud is a Volunteer Prayer: Tahajjud is the midnight or late night prayer that is offered before Fajr prayer. It is also known as Salatul-Lail which means night prayer. It is defined as a volunteer prayer that is offered by the Muslims after they wake up from sleep.

It is not an obligatory prayer but the true believers of Allah love to perform this prayer regularly or rarely to seek Allah’s help and blessing because Allah has promised a great position for those who wake up and prostrate themselves before Him during night time.

Tahajjud during Ramadan: During Ramadan, it is easy for people and most Muslims in the world to pray Tahajud prayer after they wake up for Suhoor. It is quite easy to pray Tahajud during Ramadan but as soon as we pass the month of blessings, Muslims quit from praying Tahajjud. Why is it so?

Many people use to say that they get confused about Tahajud timing while some have different theories regarding the time of Tahajjud prayer. There are also few who say it is very difficult for them to wake up for Tahajud.

When to pray Tahajjud prayer? We are unaware of the right time for Tahajud as well as we are unaware how to make our habit to pray this volunteer prayer regularly. Tahajud can be prayed at any time of the night, after the Isha Prayer and moments before the break of dawn that is Fajr prayer.

Hazrat Ayesha (RA) said the Prophet of Allah Mohammad (SAWW) pray Tahajud from every portion of the night.  According to this saying, it means the Prophet used to pray Tahajud at the beginning of the night, sometimes in the middle of the night while sometimes He (PBUH) used to pray later at night or at the last moments of the night, it means He used to pray differently every night.

What is the best time for Tahajjud prayer? The Sheikh Yassir Birja said Tahajud is considered as the night prayer and it should be performed later at night right before the Fajr Prayer.

It is the time that is called predawn moment in which Allah praises the believers and during the Sahar time which is predawn time they seek forgiveness from Allah and this is the time when Allah Almighty descends to the earth and looks upon his servant and ask those who are seeking his forgiveness to forgive and also for those who are seeking for his mercy.

Tahajjud is the best time for supplications: Tahjud is the best time for people if they want to get the best reward from the Almighty Allah. To make a regular habit to pray Tahajud, try to go to sleep soon after the Isha prayer so that you can easily wake up sometime before tahajjud to seek Allah’s mercy.

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