Is Saudi Arabia introducing 1,000 Saudi Riyal note?

1,000 Saudi Riyal note

People have been sharing pictures of a 1,000 Saudi Riyal note claiming it to be launched very soon by the Saudi Central Bank. Is it true?

1000 saudi riyal note

Saudi Central Bank’s response

It seems that all the speculation and rumors surrounding the issue can now finally be put to rest, and the truth can finally be known.

In a statement made by the Saudi Central Bank, they categorically and clearly rejected all reports that were being circulated online on social media, regarding the introduction of the SR 1,000 note.

Current Denomination of Saudi Currency

Personally, I am happy that this news turned out to be fake as currency notes of higher denominations prove the devaluation of currency and nobody wants it with their country. The current currency denomination in Saudi currency is;

  • SR 1 coin.
  • SR 2 coin.
  • SR 5 banknote.
  • SR 10 banknote.
  • SR 20 banknote.
  • SR 50 banknote.
  • SR 100 banknote.
  • SR 200 banknote.
  • SR 500 banknote.

It is advised to rely on authentic information channels such as Life in Saudi Arabia, SAMA, and SPA for accurate and correct information regarding the new addition to the bank notes, monetary policies, or other related.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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