What to do if Quran falls down by mistake?

Many people often ask what to do if the Holy Quran falls down by mistake. You might be thinking it is a major sin and there must be a redemption process explained in Hadith in this regard.

What if Quran falls down by mistake

If Quran falls down by mistake, we should follow the steps explained below.

  • Hold it up as soon as possible in a respectful manner.
  • Kiss the Holy Book.
  • Say أَسْتَغْفِرُ اللّٰه.
  • Seek Allah’s forgiveness for the mistake.
  • Open the Quran and recite some verses with its meaning.
  • Keep it on a safe place in a way that it does not fall down again.

It is important to note that none of the steps explained above are written in any hadith. 

what if quran falls down by mistake

What is more disrespectful for Quran than this?

We often think that if Quran falls down by mistake, it is disrespectful. But not reciting the Holy Quran and not understanding its meaning is way more disrespectful to the Holy Book.

The biggest disrespect is to keep the Quran and don’t know what message is actually written in this book. What is the message that Allah has given to us?

Quran is not a decoration piece

The only reason Muslims are suffering and struggling today because we do not know the meaning of the message of Allah. We should make an effort to learn the Arabic wording, we should try to understand what the message is given to us by our Allah.

It might take a long time, it is indeed difficult but not impossible. We should try to seek knowledge and wisdom from it.

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