What if Saudis start speaking pure Arabic to expats?

Dialect is a particular way in which people of a particular region speak. It is the way in which people tend to speak and pronounce the words of a particular language.

This dialect may differ from the original language and there may be different forms of dialects of the same language being spoken at the same time at different places.

This is to emphasize that there may be different ways in which the same language may be spoken.  In the Saudi Kingdom, from north to south and from east to west there are hundreds of different dialects of Arabic language being spoken with slight differences in the pronunciation only.

As time has elapsed, the entry of millions of expatriates coming to the Kingdom in search of work has increased. Expats are found in almost every part of the country working in almost every field.  

This has brought a lot of changes in the social structure of Saudi Arabia. These expatriates are mostly coming from Asia and Africa region.

The Kingdom is a safe haven for the expatriate, housing them almost in all the businesses and service industries. This has brought a radical change in the lives of native speakers, yes surprisingly this has been another way around. 

Rather these expatriates adopt our speaking dialect, we have adopted their dialect and style and infused in our language. Some of the locals of the Kingdom always use quite a pathetic language while talking to some of the expats.

They often speak in broken Arabic which has no meaning but they have to use it because anyhow foreigners can understand what they are trying to convey them.

Arabs are commonly found speaking as “kalam katheer mafi”, “Fein anta rooh”, “sadeeq anta fein” in the most absurd manner and dialect.

This dialect has been adopted in lieu of the speaking style of the expatriates. This is one common example, the Arabs are found to be speaking in the most absurd and new form of Arabic while talking to expatriates.

Locals justify this adoption of absurd and new dialect as an easy way to communicate with these workers which have penetrated in all places. However, this justification is not right.

The workers need to adopt the language with the dialect rather than keeping his native tongue rules.  However, adopting new language is not an easy task as we are talking. Many expats themselves are not interested to adopt a new language and love their mother tongue.

The authorities need to play their role in protecting and preserving the Arabic language. This will help to promote our native language.

Special language courses need to be arranged so that the expatriates can be proficient in the language and the native Arabs do not have to adopt a new dialect while talking to these expatriates.

Special courses will allow expatriates to fluently speak Arabic and this will enable expatriates to enjoy the fluency of this sweet language and enable them to say in pure Arabic that “Niamal Qaum Al-Saudiyoon” (How nice are the Saudis) rather than speaking in broken Arabic “Hada Nafar Saudi Kullu Kuwais” which is meaningless.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.