What happens when a Pakistani woman marries a non-resident Pakistani?

Compromise is the key to success in Marital relations

Every relationship needs understanding and cooperation; it is only when it flourishes in the best possible way. This is true especially for the husband and wife because of the volatile nature of this relationship.

In the majority of the cases two totally different people with different habits and backgrounds have to live together forever, so to make this relationship a success a lot of compromises have to be made by both the partners.

When a Pakistani Woman marries a Non-Resident Pakistani

The scenario where a Pakistani woman marries a man who is living abroad, and she has to move with him, the situation is a bit tougher because she has to set herself in altogether a new environment.

She should be ready to take the challenges and make compromises and try to adjust in that environment otherwise problems will start arising between husband and wife.

This is what happened to a couple who got divorced because of the same issues. The girl failed to make the compromise and adjust in the environment and set up in which she was not used to of living.

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A girl from Lahore married to a Pakistani Accountant

This is a story of a man who had an accounting job in France with a much handsome salary. He had an arranged marriage with a girl in Lahore with a very rich family background having all servants and money in her life.

According to the person, he informed the girl about everything like his job, life in France and asked if she is willing to move with him to France after their marriage. He wanted to give her complete idea of what kind of life they will have in France so that there is no kind of cultural shock.

After her willingness, they got married and after 17 months of visa processing, she finally moved to France with him.

The life abroad is way difficult than the life in Pakistan

When she moved to France their life started getting difficult. According to her, she was not used to doing home chores, so he continued with cooking and cleaning. Their expenditures kept on increasing day by day as she loved traveling and shopping.

She continued spending on everything without realizing how much her husband can afford or without considering that they should be saving as well. The situation reached to a point where he was almost banking corrupt.

One day she bought a 1,000 Euro Bag

The purchase of 1000 Euro bag was the reason they got divorced as there was an argument on it between the two. She came to Pakistan and never contacted him again. They got divorced just after 3 years of marriage.

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He thinks the different lifestyle she had in Pakistan in her parents’ house and a hard one here in France caused their divorce. Women marrying non-residential Pakistani men must understand that;

  • Life outside Pakistan is hard. Women have to cook and do house chores themselves which may include cleaning washrooms.
  • You may have to stay alone in the house all day because of the tough job timings of your husband.
  • You should adjust to the outside environment like transport etc.
  • It is very important for women to cooperate with their husbands and try their best to adjust to the new environment, so they can live a happy life with their husbands.

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