What happens if diagnosed with AIDS in Saudi Arabia?

I had this curiosity in my mind that God forbids if someone is detected with HIV, AIDS or Hepatitis, or any other sexually transmitted disease (STDs) while living in Saudi Arabia, what will the authorities do with him? Will he be deported or allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia?

AIDS, Hepatitis diagnosed in Home Country

As part of their efforts to control the STDs, the Saudi government has made it essential for each person who wants to come to Saudi Arabia on a permanent basis to take a medical test. In this medical test, among many diseases, they check for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.

This is just to make sure that the employee or the family of the employee intending to visit Saudi Arabia is free from STDs. If someone is detected with STDs at this point in time, he is not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia.

AIDS, Hepatitis diagnosed before First Iqama

After coming to Saudi Arabia from your native country, you will have to go through a medical test again. This medical test is required to apply for the first iqama in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi government tests the STDs again in this medical test. If someone is detected with STDs at this level, he is deported from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Government will not make his first iqama and there are chances that he may have to face some ban as well.

AIDS, Hepatitis diagnosed after settling down

Some ten years ago if someone used to be detected with HIV, AIDS or Hepatitis, or any other STDs, even after settling down in Saudi Arabia for a long time, he used to be deported. However, the condition has changed now.

God forbids if anyone is detected with STDs now, he does not have to leave Saudi Arabia. Saudi Government allows him to get his treatment on the land of Saudi Arabia because when he came from his country he was STD free.

However, it does not apply to HIV-AIDS. If someone is diagnosed with HIV even after settling down in Saudi Arabia, the Final exit is inevitable for him. However, in the case of native people, the entire cost of treatment is paid by the Saudi Government.

HIV Test Price in KSA

Although the rates may differ from hospital to hospital, the HIV test price in good hospitals is around SR 600.

Is the treatment of HIV covered by Insurance?

According to CCHI unified Policy terms and conditions, health insurance policies in Saudi Arabia do not cover the treatment or any disease related to HIV/AIDS.

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