9 types of foot shapes and its impact on personality

There are many types of foot shapes such as Greek, Roman, and Egyptian and each of them tells a lot about your personality. Here is a brief on this subject.

Greek foot shape personality

People with a foot where the finger next to the thumb is longer than others i.e. the second toe is the longest are considered to fall in Greek foot shape which tells a lot about their personality.

People with Greek feet are emotional and possess leadership qualities. They are also inclined towards arts.

It is also said that people with this kind of feet are dominant in nature. They are somehow aggressive and are good at influencing others.

Greek foot shape personality

Roman foot shape personality

The most common and extensive type of foot design is the Roman one. People with Rooman foot shape are considered to be social and hospitable. These people are cooperative in nature and mostly let other people dominate them.

Roman foot shape personality

Egyptian foot shape personality

If your toe length decreases from big toe to small, like that in the figure, you have an Egyptian foot shape that tells a lot about your personality.

People with Egyptian feet are likely to keep secrets, go through mood swings, and prefer being alone.

People with this kind of feet are usually very calm and relaxed. They are good at keeping their anger in control. 

Egyptian foot shape personality

Peasant foot shape

If you have feet where all toes are more or less of the same length, then you have a Peasant foot shape. People with Peasant foot shape are peaceful, sensible, and good at keeping promises. People with such feet are also realistic and, therefore, practical.

A little toe that doesn’t move

Can’t move your little toe with muscles? Your feet are designed so that your little toe can move only with your hand (or other force). Then you are expected to have a calm personality.

Your life is much anticipated. Being conservative reserved and leading a measured life is part of your personality. You are also expected to work excessively hard and prolong.

A little toe you can move

If you are able to move your little toe using your toe muscles, you are predicted to be adventurous. You are always ready for change and in search of it.

You like doing stuff people believe to be crazy. Such activities cheer you up quickly. Settling down is not a part of your personality.

The little toe is very short

The owners of feet where the little toe is very short are considered rebels. They do not usually go with the general opinion. Rather they have their own ideology and follow it enthusiastically.

The third toe is turned outward

Such people are likely to be organized and future-oriented. They are capable of handling difficult situations.

A gap between the second and third toe

People with such feet are able to think logically, they can keep aside emotions while taking any step.

They are considered to hold diplomatic views, be good analyzers, and have the ability to carry good trades.

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