What does it mean to see fire in a dream?

Seeing fire in a dream is a horrible experience and obviously, you would like to know about its meaning in Islam. Here is the interpretation.

  1. The light gave by Fire

If someone sees light being given off by the fire and that fire is guiding the people in a dream, then such a person is a source of light for the people. He shall guide the people to the right path through his wisdom and knowledge.

  1. Worshiping the fire

Seeing yourself worshipping the fire in a dream indicates substantial changes in life.

  • Such a person’s heart is full of worldly desires.
  • Such a man will divert from Islamic teachings.
  • It also indicates the wrong path.
  • It also implies wrongful acts of adultery, theft, murder, lying, and making false promises.
  • Worshipping un-lit fire indicates earning money through unlawful sources.
  • If an old man sees himself worshipping fire in a dream, it indicates that he shall encounter a person who cares less about taking revenge from an enemy.
  1. The fire at a remote place

Seeing destructive fire with smoke in a dream at a remote place such as a particular town, city, or house is a bad sign.

  • It suggests that the person shall face hardship according to the place where the fire is seen.
  1. The Fire at a populated place

Seeing fire in a populated area is an indication of spreading diseases like smallpox and epidemics and deaths.

  • If the fire is followed by a destructive sound, then accidents and deaths are likely to occur at that place.
  • A fire in the market in a dream indicates a loss in business.
  • If you see such a dream, make sure to offer some sadaqah as soon as possible.
  1. Seeing the Angel of hell in a dream

Seeing the angel of hell in a dream is an indication of getting guidance after falling into carelessness.

  • If the angel approaches you, then it is a sign towards the restoration of faith.
  • If the angel turns away, it means that the person will commit acts leading to hellfire.
  1. Eating the fire in a dream

  • Eating a flameless fire in a dream means that the man will give the orphans their due rights.
  • Eating a flaming fire means that he will be questioned regarding what he has to give to the orphans.
  • Moreover, he shall face worldly disrespect over it.
  1. Firefighting in a dream

  • Seeing yourself firefighting in a dream indicates the settling of a fight.
  • However, If someone is working on an extinguished fire, then it is likely that an old fight will provoke.
  1. The Hellfire in a dream

Seeing yourself entering hell means to have been involved in major sins.

  • Seeing yourself coming out of hellfire without getting harmed reflects worldly hardships.
  • If hellfire is approaching one, then worldly difficulties such as inescapable debt or loss may proceed.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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