What does it mean to remember death every day?

Just to let you know that what does it really mean to remember your death every day, let me share a great story with you.

A King who was not happy

Once there was a king, he had wealth and could buy anything. He had a life that many wished for. Yet he wasn’t happy.  He wanted to be happy, so he decided to become pious as he knew that as a Muslim, real happiness lies when a person is closer to Allah.

King approached a pious man

He thereby went to one of the most pious men of the city. The pious man said that he needs to remember his death for 40 days. The king was amazed at it. Was being pious so simple? One has to only remember death 40 times in 24 hours and that too for only 40 days!

King ordered to kill the pious man

After 40 days, the King complaint that he has not observed a single change within him no does he think that he has become pious. So, he called upon the pious man in his court and blamed him for doing nothing for the King and passed his death sentence.

He requested to make him King for 1 day

On this the pious man said he ask nothing more than a one-day life as a king. The king agreed to it and granted him his last wish.

New King passed the death punishment for a hawker

The new temporary king went to the market and saw a peanut seller. He asked his men to arrest the man. The peanut seller was taken to the courts where the new King told that he shall be killed tomorrow.

He was frightened and dropped his peanuts, he would cry that why has he been given such a harsh punishment. When he was spending his last hours in the cellar, he utilized it is in remembering Allah and seek forgiveness.

He was offered girls

The new king ordered that the most beautiful women be called in the court. The women were taken to jail and locked up with the peanut seller. The woman offered the man to come close, yet he angrily warned the woman to remain away from him as his death is near and he does not want to be a sinner.

The actual meaning of remembering the death

When the actual king saw this, he asked the pious man what was happening. On this, he explained that what the actual meaning of remembering death is.

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