What does “absent from work” mean?

In case if you run away from your sponsor, he has the right to set huroob under your Iqama. How can you know that he has set huroob? Well, we have already explained in detail the procedure to check Huroob status under your Iqama in this link “How to check Huroob Status of Employee”. While checking your huroob status, if this message appears on your computer screen, “Absent from Work”, it is generally said that employer has set Huroob under your Iqama. However, this is not the case all the time. The meaning of this message differs largely upon some points which have been discussed in the below paragraphs.[irp]

“Absent from Work” if Employee is in Saudi Arabia: The meaning of “Absent from Work” is Huroob if the employee is in Saudi Arabia right now. It means that employer has set huroob under the iqama of the employee and now he will have to work out the ways to remove the huroob. We have already explained the procedure and ways to remove huroob from the Iqama in this link “How to Remove Huroob Status from Iqama”. It should be noted that if you are absent from work or in other words if you are under Huroob, there is no other way to remove it without the consent of your sponsor. However, if you don’t want to remove huroob and want to go back to your home country, Saudi Government has given you a way out. It has been explained in detail in this link “Procedure for Expatriates with Huroob (Absconder) Status to Avoid Jail and Go Home

“Absent from Work” if Employee is out of Saudi Arabia: Sometimes it happens that employees don’t return back to Saudi Arabia once they go to their home countries on exit re-entry visa. Well, it can lead to very dangerous consequences and we have explained it in this link “New Visa after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa”. In such case, even if the employer does not report employee as Huroob, the system will start showing “Absent from Work”. Here it does not necessarily mean that huroob status has been set under your Iqama. It is just to show that the employee is not reporting to work. However, the situation is difficult for those who want to come back to Saudi Arabia after the expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa since they don’t know if their employer has set huroob status. In this case, it is suggested to contact the previous employer and ask him if he has set huroob.

Anyways, the purpose of this post was just to clarify the meaning of “Absent from Work” as it appears on the MOL website while checking the huroob status of the employee. If you still have some confusion or any other experience which you want to share, please drop it in the comment below.

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