What did daughter of Abu Bakr ؓ tell her son on his death?

Asma bint Abubakar رضي الله عنها gave birth to a son while she was migrating to Madina. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ took the boy in his arms, chew a piece of a date to make it soft for the child and gave it to him.

Abdullah bin Zubair رضي الله عنه grew up being an intelligent, passionate and courageous young man.

Banu Umayyah attacked Makkah

Abdullah bin Zubair رضي الله عنه denied Caliphate Banu Umayyah and people supported him as he was a dignified man.

Soon Banu Umayya in the leadership of Hajjaj bin Yousuf attacked Makkah to take control of Makkah. An intense war started there.

In Makkah the war got intense; Abdullah bin Zubair رضي الله عنه army was being defeated.

Abdullah visited her mother

During the critical time, Asma bint Abubakar رضي الله عنه got ill and ‘Abdullah bin Zubair paid her a visit.

He asked his mother if he should give up as they were being defeated by the army.

On this Asma replied that why was he worried about his death? He said that he knows that the enemy would cut his body into parts.

What did the mother tell him?

On this, the mother told the son that once a person dies, whatever happens to his body doesn’t give pain to him.

She told her son to remain courageous, do not fear death and to die with honor. She told him that it won’t suit a strong man like Abdullah bin Zubair to live in disgrace.

Abdullah was martyred

He should live like a hero and die with honor. Leading a life after surrender would be no honor. Abdullah bin Zubair رضي الله عنه approached the battlefield with great passion and courage.

His army got defeated and he was martyred in Hijri 73. His body was hung up high by Hijjaj bin Yousuf for three days. Finally, Abdullah bin Zubair رضي الله عنه was buried in Jannat ul Mualla.

The mother visited his corpse

After two days of her son’s death, the old mother went to his son’s corpse. The blind mother (she had lost her sight due to age) went near the body of her respectful son. When Hajjaj saw her near the corpse of her son, he demanded her to appear in front of him.

When Asma got the invitation, she said she won’t see the man who killed her son. 

So Hajjaj himself went to meet her, she told her that she has listened to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that a man from Banu Thaqif would rise, he would be a barbarian and a liar. Now she has seen his (PBUH) words come true. 

Hajjaj left ashamed and despair. He said to Hazrat Asma R.A that I have finished the life of your son to that she replied that yes but my son has finished your hereafter life forever. Asma bint Abubakar رضي الله عنها was buried in Jannat ul Mualla.

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