What clothes to bring while coming to Saudi Arabia?

Whenever one has to visit a foreign country, the most difficult task is packing. What to pack and what not to pack. Of course, there are some necessary things that are to be made part of your suitcase. But then, while going to a foreign country you need to get equipped with special stuff that is suitable to the host country’s environment and culture.

Every country has a different environment, weather, and culture. You need to pack up the suitcase according to the requirements of the host country. Here is a perfect guide for all those who wish to come to Saudi Arabia. Here you will be guided about what type of clothes you shall be brought with you while coming to Saudi Arabia.

01-Abaya: For expat women, you shall be having an Abaya or two as you would be required to wear at in the public places.

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02-Lightweight clothes: We all know that the weather in Saudi Arabia is hot and dry. Therefore, people shall be equipped with lightweight clothes. Many expats fear that as Saudi Arabia is a conservative country they shall be wearing clothes that would completely cover them up.

Most people thereby bring in heavy and full clothes. But guys, what about the hot weather? Bring clothes made out of light fabric that would help you beat the heat. Also, be equipped with light colored clothes.

03-Full Sleeve Tops and Decent Skirts: Women who wish to wear western clothes shall be equipped with full sleeves tops and decent length skirts. You can wear jeans and other dresses but they shall be a modest one.

04-Swim Suit: If you wish to go to beaches and swimming pool, you can bring in swimming suits or so.

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05-Deal with Tattoos: If you have body inked with tattoos, you need to get equipped with clothes that would cover up the tattoo. For instance, if men have tattoos on their arm, make sure you grab full sleeves shirts for public places.

Same goes for girls, make sure you cover up a tattoo before leaving for a public place. Tattoos in Saudi Arabia are not a great issue, but it is good to remain on the safe side!

06-Good Length Shorts: Men need to make sure that they cover themselves from the waistline to the knees when they go out. So get yourselves good length shorts if you wish to roam around in shorts in Saudi Arabia.

07-Decent Suits: If you are here for education or job, get yourself equipped with decent suits that comply with the dress code of Saudi Arabian institutes.

08-Baggy Tops and Modest Jeans: For expat women who wish to undertake job here shall get themselves pairs of baggy tops and jeans and modest clothes. But again, make sure guys you have lightweight, comfortable and light colored clothes!

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09-Other Stuff: Along with clothes, make sure you pack along a pair of sunglasses, comfortable sandal, and flip-flops. These handy things can make life easier. Even if you forget anything, malls here are equipped with the best quality products! Enjoy your stay in Saudi Arabia!

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