Swift Codes of all Banks in Saudi Arabia

If someone transfers funds to your Saudi bank account from abroad, he would need the swift code سويفت كود. Here are the swift codes of major banks in Saudi Arabia, including SNB, Riyad Bank (RIBL), SABB, Rajhi, Alinma, ANB, and Al Bilad.

What is a Swift Code?

Every bank has a Swift Code or BIC that helps the international bank to identify this bank. As mentioned before, it is mainly used for international payments.

Swift Codes of Saudi Banks

Saudi National Bank – SNB Swift Code: NCBKSAJE.

Riyad Bank Swift Code: RIBLSARI.

SABB Bank Swift Code: SABBSARI.

Al Rajhi Bank Swift Code: RJHISARI.

Alinma Bank Swift Code: INMASARI.

ANB Bank Swift Code: ARNBSARI.

Al Bilad Bank Swift Code: ALBISARI.

Bank Al Jazira Swift Code: BJAZSAJE.

Banque Saudi Fransi Swift Code: BSFRSARI.

Emirates NBD Bank Swift Code: EBILSARI.

Saudi Investment Bank Swift Code: SIBCSARI.

Saudi Central Bank Swift Code: SAMASARI.

You might be wondering why Saudi National Bank – SNB Swift Code ends with JE while the rest of the banks end with RI. We have answered it below.

Swift Codes of Banks in Saudi Arabia

Components of Swift Code

A swift code mainly consists of 8 or 11 characters. Let’s take the example of Riyad Bank Swift Code: RIBLSARI.

  • The first four characters are used to specify the bank: RIBL.
  • The fifth and sixth characters specify the country: SA.
  • The 7th and 8th characters identify the city: RI.
  • The last three characters are optional that are used to specify the branch.

If you compare it with Saudi National Bank SNB Swift Code (NCBKSAJE), the 7th and 8th character represents Jeddah city.

Swift Code of Digital Wallets

As mentioned earlier, a swift code is used to transfer funds internationally. As you cannot receive funds internationally from on STCPay or any other digital wallet, there is no swift code for it.

Therefore, there is no swift code for STCPay, UrPay, Mobily Pay, Alinma Pay or Friendi Pay.

Source: SAB Bank.

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