What are the locations of Car Repair & Servicing Workshops in Riyadh?

Owing a vehicle does not only mean that one can go anywhere at any moment. The cars need to have regular maintenance services so that they can work properly. Also, these vehicles are prone to accidents which require repair.

Tires and oil are to be changed after a specific time.  So this article will be of real interest for drivers and vehicle owners living in Riyadh. They will be informed about different car repairing and service centers located in Riyadh!

1-Honda Specialist Workshop # 20, Umm Al Hamam:  Honda Specialist Workshop has appointed Pakistani workers who are equipped with good car repairing and servicing skills. These workers are nice to the customers and give proper guidance for places one can buy spare-parts from. The workshop is relatively cheap; one can avail its services for regular maintenance purposes.  One can easily locate the workshop at Google Maps following this link: http://goo.gl/maps/JQQ8s

2-Al Soqor Center for Car Maintenance Workshop # 29B, Umm Al Hamam: It is a good car maintenance workshop. One can avail services for an electrician, mechanic, general Tarbeet, fill ferion and radiator welding for their cars from here. Given below in the picture are their number and address.

3-Honda Workshop, Sanaiya Qadeem, Riyadh: The Pakistani workers are customer friendly; they also tend to charge less. They are open to guide their customers to places one can buy spare-parts from.  There are many other shops in the nearby as well. The location coordinates of the workshop are 24.6331,46.73881, while link for Google maps is http://goo.gl/maps/4Klmk

Honda Center, Shop 43, Umm Al Hamam, Riyadh: The shop provides the services of denting, changing lights and replacing bumpers. The workers here are Pakistani but not cheap.  You can visit it by following these location coordinates 24.70022,46.65464. One can find a lot many workshops around the area it.

Computer Test Facility: One can avail the computer test facility to check the car completely especially when purchasing an already used car. In order to visit it use the map link http://goo.gl/maps/yiAV6 or follow the location coordinates 24.71212,46.84924

German cars, Al Faisaliyah, Riyadh: As German authorized repair centers are quite expensive, this workshop is the best substitute. They can provide quality services for German cars at cheaper rates. It is owned by a Lebanese and one can find many Lebanese skilled personals. They also have their own paint producing the machine. Location coordinates are 24.631940, 46.798650

Source: Nauman Khan Blog

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