8 best Car Repair Workshops in Riyadh

People with cars know it is difficult to maintain them unless you find a reliable car workshop where your vehicle gets the best services to offer you a suitable driving experience. Therefore, we have compiled the best car repair workshops in Riyadh for you to avail yourself of a seamless driving experience.

Wahj Al Remal Workshop for Car Repair

Wahj Al Remal Workshop for Car Repair is one of the finest workshops in Riyadh. Not only do they have a professional ambiance, but they also are equipped with the latest technology in car repair and services.

Their technicians are professionals who can provide the most reliable advice regarding your car repair and service and offer quality assistance.

Wahj Al Remal Workshop for Car Repair in Riyadh,

Ezof Durango Workshop

Even though it is among the top and best car workshops in Riyadh, it is excellent for cars like Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge. You can feel that these cars are their area of expertise. Rest, their services are excellent with reasonable prices and a clean environment.

Ezof Durango Workshop

Old Sanaya vehicle repair

It is one of the oldest car workshops that offers excellent services at compatible rates. Some of the technicians are highly trustworthy and competent. It is among the reliable spots in Riyadh to get your car repaired or attain spare parts.

However, if you plan to go there, be patient; it is always too crowded, and you will have to wait. However, you can try your luck with getting an early service!

Old Sanaya vehicle repair workshop in Riyadh.

Workshop Ibrahim al-Qasim

This is yet another workshop to take your car to repair and maintenance in Riyadh. They have mechanics who can deal with difficult and complex repairs and faults. People find them expensive yet highly efficient and reliable.

They are among the busiest car workshops in Riyadh. It has professional technicians and mechanics who find the issue and offer prompt solutions.

Workshop Ibrahim al-Qasim in Riyadh.

Petromin Auto Care – Al Massif

One of the highly recommended car workshops in Riyadh, where professionals with skills and expertise are at your service. The people working at the workshop and reception are very cordial and helpful.

They ensure they provide the correct information about the car’s status, the repair and services required, and the best maintenance decision. However, the price is always on the higher side as compared to the market.

Petromin Auto Care - Al Massif

Honda Workshop

If you have a Honda car, this is a place to get all sorts of spare parts and efficient services in Riyadh. They are a bit expensive but are worth their services. They can go the extra mile to improve your car’s health. They have a clean place and respect all their clients.

Honda Workshop in Riyadh.

World of Axle

When it comes to customer service, World of Axle excels in it. They have the most humble and polite customer care staff and are equipped with professional technicians and experienced mechanics.

They offer a clean and neat place for their visitors and give out services that allow them to improve their car life and health. Thus, once your car gets repaired or serviced by them, it offers a new driving experience to you!


If there is a workshop in Riyadh with the most loyal customers, then it is Technocar. It is a place that offers such services that people tend to come back only to them. Their rates are highly competitive, and they offer outstanding technical assistance.

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