What are the facilities in VIP hajj packages?

Every year, a large number of people avail of one of the most expensive VIP Hajj packages which allows pilgrims to enjoy great and luxurious services.

Cost of VIP Hajj Package

A pilgrim who avails of a VIP Hajj package enjoys great services at a great cost. According to a tourism company official, each pilgrim is charged SR 80,000 to SR 100,000 for the five-star services.

Ordinary people, of course, cannot afford such a package. The Hajj packages available online range from SR 4,000 to SR 15,000.

Chartered Flights

The VIP Hajj package is often availed by high-class businessmen, politicians, and celebrities. This year, these rich pilgrims arrived on chartered flights and mostly belonged to countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Morocco, and GCC countries.

Tents in Mina

VIP hajj includes five-star tents in Mina. These tents are accommodated with tents of the same country pilgrims yet they are guarded by security personnel.

This personnel keeps a check that no extra fellow enters the five-star tents and also are vigilant about the security of the rich pilgrims.

The tents are not ordinary, they have glittered tiles on the floors, the walls are decorated with lights and the tents are scented and decorated with flowers.

The five-star tents in Mina also provide special care services to old and sick pilgrims among them. These carts carry them to Jamarat so that they can perform stoning there.

The five-star tents of Egyptian pilgrims are no less than a fantasy luxury room. They are equipped with soft and comfortable sofas, massaging chairs, beautiful furniture, and luxurious bed.

Osama Faqeeh who is the supervisor of catering at five-star tents estimated that per night catering cost of 400 pilgrims reaches more than SR 400,000. The cooks are experts called from countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and the Philippines.

VIP Treatment in Arafat

The pilgrims who take a VIP Hajj package costing SR 80,000 to SR 100,000 are given preferential treatment at Arafat too. They move from Mina to Arafat on special buses, their camps at Arafat are fully airconditioned with all the amenities in the world.

VIP Treatment in Muzdalifah

They are taken to Muzdalifah after sunset on the 9th of Dhul Hijja so that they can spend a night under the sky. In Muzdalifah, they are provided with luxury facilities again.

Designated carpeted areas, comfortable beds, air coolers, and many other facilities about which others can’t even think. I have witnessed BBQ parties for these pilgrims.

Special Cars for Rami

After Fajr prayer on the 10th of Dhul Hijja, they are taken to perform the Rami or stoning the devil to Jamarat. They don’t need to go there by train or by foot, they are provided with special routes and they can just take their buses or cars to do it. They don’t even need to come out of the vehicle.

After stoning the devil and performing Hadee, they can shave their head and be relieved from the conditions of Ihram. The barbers are provided within the Mina camp so that they don’t have to wait for them in the designated shops.


On the same night, they reach Makkah to perform Tawaf-e-Ziyara on special cars and buses while a normal pilgrim needs to walk at least 3km to reach there. After the Tawaf, they are taken back to their luxurious mina camps.

Other luxury services provided to them include five-star hotels that are in close approximation to the grand mosque. These pilgrims avail the opportunity to listen to lectures delivered by renowned Islamic scholars while having their dinner.

On the 11th of Dhul Hijja, these people perform stoning and then would either go to Grand Mosque for Tawaf-e-Widah or stay at their Mina camps. All such pilgrims leave on the 14th of Dul Hijja through their special flights.

Whatever package you choose for Hajj, keep one thing in mind it does not guarantee that your Hajj has been accepted. There are 3 Signs that your Hajj has been accepted by Allah and everyone should check them out.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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