4 differences between Imam and Priest

Christians worldwide head to Churches to offer prayers, and Muslims go to Masjids for the exact cause. The Church is managed by a Priest, and the Masjid is taken care of by an Imam. Here are the differences between Imam and Priest.


The Bishop appoints a priest to represent him to the local community. A local community can be any area, e.g., a town or a small city. There can be many churches in any place; one priest and some support staff are appointed to each church based on requirements.

In the same way, the Imam of the Masjid is appointed by the government in Saudi Arabia and by the local community in some other parts of the world.

4 differences between Imam and Priest


The priests and all the support staff are remunerated with other basic facilities. Most of the time, they have been provided with accommodation adjacent to the church to live and spend their life. As priests don’t have a family, they live alone in their quarters.

The government of Saudi Arabia pays the Imam of the Masjid a fixed remuneration. In case the local community has appointed him, they build a mutual fund of donations to run the affairs of the Masjid and pay the salary. They are also provided with a house to live along with their family. Do you have any idea of the salary of the Imam of Masjid-al-Haram?


A priest hears confessions weekly, gives marriage counseling, gives spiritual direction, visits the sick in hospitals, teaches Christianity to children and adults, baptizes, witnesses marriages, and performs funerals and burials.

The responsibility of an Imam is also the same. He leads prayers five times daily, conducts marriage agreements, teaches students Quran, performs funeral prayers, and other responsibilities.

Making the Church a Meeting Place

Christians in the community visit Church on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. It is the responsibility of the Priest to make all arrangements for this religious gathering with the help of their subordinates.

Similarly, Muslims pray in congregation five times a day. There is a massive gathering of Muslims on Friday prayers in the Masjid. A giant gathering heads toward the Masjid on the day of Eid. The Imam must make all arrangements for the smooth performance of these religious acts.

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