7 Wells in Madina from where Prophet Muhammad S.A.W used to drink water

There are several historical wells in Madinah, which is a crucial part of the Islamic Heritage and History, of the city. The most famous wells amongst them are the wells of Othman Bin Affan, Khatim, Ehen and Gharas, after which comes Bidhaa, Bosa, and Hae well. One resident of Madinah stated that the Historians have mentioned the significance of these wells in Islamic texts throughout history. Although a large number of Muslims from every corner of the world make their way to Madinah to visit them annually, the concerned authorities have taken no steps in protecting these valuable antiquities and parts of history.[irp]

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) had been drinking water from some of the wells, while the army of Islam had also camped near them during various campaigns against the enemy forces. This shows that it is close if not directly related to the Islamic History of that era. Activists on Social Media have called for a transformation of the well of Othman into a park for the children. Several of the residents of Madinah have come out to support the idea. There are however a few people who have raised objection since it is still property of the third Caliph of Islam.

The director general of the Ministry of Agriculture office in Madinah, Ibrahim Al Hujaili has denied all suggestions that the well of Othman has been neglected, he stated that they have utilized the facility as an agricultural center where they are cultivating 500 types of date palms. Several greenhouses for flowers, plants, and trees have been established in the site which is used by government departments, public resorts, and schools. Around 70,000 flowers and plants are distributed amongst the citizens during the Tree Week.

The site is also containing a stretch of greenery as well as a model bee farm. There is also a conference hall which can hold seminars and lectures, as well as a tent to hold meetings with the farmers. Bier Al Ehen is one well which is located only 100 meters from the Quba Mosque. Having been abandoned for a long time, the people have thrown garbage into it, which makes it smell bad. The SCTH or Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has received the well in the form of an antiquity to be developed and preserved.[irp]

Bier Gharas is located near to a private school and has been covered by a lanky piece of wood. A playground is also located nearby, which increases the chances of it being damaged or destroyed by the children. The well Bier Al Yusra was named by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). It is located along Qurban Street, after the traffic signal, and before Sawala Gardens. A farmer now owns the well. Bier Othman is located in the Azhari District. The site has now been closed and the well was not able to be reached by them stated Al Salim. He added that the Ministry of Agriculture has put the facility into good use as a honey farm and nursery.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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