Welcome Saudi – Leading Travel Search and Review Website in Saudi Arabia

Welcome Saudi, the British-Saudi startup company based in Riyadh has launched a leading travel search and review website in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Welcome Saudi allows you to search for the best restaurant, hotels, and tourist destinations throughout Saudi Arabia.

Welcome Saudi is a British-Saudi collaboration that was launched to help travelers in Saudi Arabia find the best deals for hotels & restaurants from different sources including booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, etc.

They aggregate the best pricing from across more than 70 sources so travelers can find the best prices for services they are looking for as well as leave reviews based on their experience. Users can sign up for a free traveler account, which allows them to leave, read and compare reviews on their favorite hotels, restaurants, and tourist destinations.

Their restaurant search feature also allows users to search for restaurants in cities throughout Saudi Arabia and they offer the ability to filter results based on location and cuisine type eg Arabic, Chinese, Japanese cuisines, etc. Each restaurant page showcases the interior and exterior of the restaurant as well as the food they offer. Users can leave reviews, ask questions and leave traveler tips to help fellow travelers.

Welcome Saudi also offers businesses the ability to add their own page to the Welcome Saudi website to showcase their establishment. Businesses including hotels and restaurants can claim and manage their own webpage on Welcome Saudi allowing them to make a serious value contribution by marketing their services, managing content displayed on the website, and replying publicly to customer reviews.

Welcome Saudi is comprised of a team of British, Saudi and International experts including investors, entrepreneurs, and software engineers who use cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with the most amazing, effective, and time-saving travel experience.

The Welcome Saudi Team believes in supporting good causes they partner with registered charitable organizations to support those less fortunate worldwide.

Welcome Saudi helps provide a win-win solution by connecting both travelers and customer-focused businesses. As tourism grows in Saudi Arabia they hope to encourage a high standard of customer satisfaction for both international and domestic travelers.

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