We will create two more Makkah in Saudi Arabia- Japanese CEO

The difference between the NEOM mega-city and any other city was illustrated by the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman himself.

He showed the audience two cell phones, one a smartphone and another one a simple mobile. He told that as a smartphone is technologically advance than an ordinary mobile, so would be NEOM.

Masayoshi Son the Chairman and CEO of Soft Bank was also there. Japan is to invest 100 billion dollars in Saudi Arabia’s megacity project. On talking about the project, the Japanese CEO said that they will create two more Makkah in Saudi Arabia

When he made the statement, people started to laugh. This is not what he meant. The situation became hilarious.

No one can make two more Makkah in Saudi Arabia. Makkah is a sacred city in the world. No city can match its holiness. No city is as blessed as Makkah.

The Saudi crown prince had to speak up on the matter, laughing himself he urged the people not to be mistaken as the CEO has said something that he didn’t mean. He told that Makkah is not just a Holy city, it is a country’s most important city. It is the country’s focal point.

So what the CEO meant is that two other significant focal points are to be constructed in Saudi Arabia. The crown prince wisely jumped in and cleared out the matter. So guys, don’t believe that Japan is creating 2 Makkah in Saudi Arabia!

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