We shall shoot down every US drone entering into Pakistan – Pakistan Air-Force

Science and technology have helped the man do wonders, innumerable inventions and discoveries letting and making our daily lives pretty easy and tasks done in a legitimate time. One of such inventions is an aircraft.

Being the world’s most expensive manufacturing, aircrafts are also a very important part of the fleet of armed forces of every country around the globe. The Air Force is the department in every Army for the air defense look out for the enemies, in addition, to attack the enemy from above and quickly.

We have seen and heard lots of hi-tech new additions to aircrafts. Drone is one of them. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Controlled by a computer or a device connected wirelessly to the aircraft, it carries no person in itself yet operates at our will.

Drone cameras, Drone Planes are the two famous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles we are familiar with. Drones can carry weapons too and hit the target within its desired range. The U.S has been using this technology since 2004 to make attacks on terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

They were using base within Pakistan till 2011, and since then they are operating them from a base in Afghanistan after some disputes with the Pakistani Authorities. Drone Attacks without the approval of Pakistan Army were termed to as “attack on the sovereignty” and breach of the territory by Pakistan Army and taken as a breach of security.

The Air Chief Marshal to Pakistan Airforce, Sohail Aman, stated that any drone by U.S will be shot down if sighted within the boundaries of Pakistan. A very strong message because both the countries are allies in the war against terrorism but the times have changed and Pakistan is making their own UAV Drones.

The Air Chief Marshall, while addressing a gathering at the opening ceremony of the Air Tech Conference and Techno Show in Islamabad made a headline when he warned the U.S drones to be shot down in future if they ever breach the boundaries of Pakistan again.

A major statement, a policy change, and strong words. Aman also made an announcement of Pakistan making their own Unmanned Drones to be launched in near future.  


Although the Pakistani Governments have always been against the drone attacks within the limits of the country, it is said that it was all part of a plan and both the U.S and Pakistan officials had an agreement to carry on such operations.

A Senator from Pakistan Sen. Nuzhat Sadiq, also the chairperson of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Foreign affairs was contacted by Arab News said that Pakistan has successfully eliminated terrorism and militants from its territory through various military operations so we don’t need any U.S drone now.

As already said by Air Chief Marshal they will not allow any U.S drone strike on our soil. She further said that Pakistan is a nuclear state and could not allow any country to violate its sovereignty. She said that we are introducing further possible changes in our foreign policy toward the US.

It was stated by Bureau of Investigative Journalism that the US has carried out a total of 429 drone strikes inside Pakistan since June 2004 which killed almost 2,938 people. The recent strike the US carried out inside Pakistani territory was on Sept. 15 in Kurram Agency, on the border with Afghanistan, killing three people.

An expert on foreign affairs and former diplomat, Aziz Ahmad Khan told Arab News that Pakistan would not need to shoot down any US drones because they have settled this matter with the Americans in some recent high-level meetings.

He said America has reduced striking Pakistan with Drones and we hope to get rid of this counterproductive threat forever. Retired Gen. Talat Masood, a defense analyst, told Arab News that Pakistan has explained to the America that they will no longer allow using Pakistan as a base for terrorist attacks in neighboring countries as it has removed all the activists.

NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, NEV.– A Pakistan Air Force crew chief performs a post flight inspection on a F-16 Flacon after crew members flew the jets here from Pakistan on July 16. The U.S. Air Force is hosting approximately 100 Pakistan Air Force pilots and support personnel at the world’s premiere large force employment and integration exercise July 17-31 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. This is the PAFÕs first time participating in the Red Flag exercise.(US Air Force Photo by Lawrence Crespo)

Adding further to his advice he said that the Government of Pakistan shall remain prepared for any kind of consequences as U.S might not take this decision as a good gesture and may put pressure on the Pakistan one way or the other.

He also said that a message is being sent to the U.S authorities that cooperation is a better idea to eradicate and put an end to terrorism rather than acting alone and creating misunderstandings among the two nations and countries.

Source: Arab News

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