WE Convention: The Importance of Mentors for Women in Their Career and Business

We live in an era often dubbed the “century of triumphant feminism,” where women have secured the rights to hold leadership positions in large corporations, establish their own brands, and forge successful careers. Women are increasingly achieving remarkable results, often outperforming their male counterparts. Much of this success can be attributed to organizations dedicated to advancing women’s rights and freedoms. One notable example is the Women’s Empowerment Council (WEC). The WEC is a collective of women who support one another in attaining success, leading in their respective fields, and achieving international recognition. To realize these goals, businesswomen from various countries and industries, under the guidance of entrepreneur and WEC founder Mila Semeshkina, organize large-scale events, educational conferences, webinars, public talks, and other initiatives. The most prominent among them is the iconic WE Convention.


An Extraordinary WE Convention Experience

WE Conventions aren’t your typical educational conference with speaker sessions and discussions of the latest trends. It operates in a format that diverges significantly from a traditional business gathering.

This WEC event regularly attracts over two thousand prominent guests who are eager to engage in communication, share knowledge and experiences, and seek new partners and like-minded individuals. Participants come together to share compelling case studies, expand their networks, broaden their social horizons, and become part of the global community of women. Thanks to such events, businesswomen not only spend their time productively but also come closer to achieving their dream careers.

WE Conventions span two days. The first day is dedicated to speakers and the presentation of startups, while the second day focuses on relaxation and networking. Therefore, many participants consider the most valuable aspect of the conference to be the opportunity for personal interactions with distinguished speakers. These two days entail intensive networking and conversations with leaders from various fields, ranging from aircraft manufacturing and engineering to design and journalism. WE Conventions are, without a doubt, an exceptional opportunity to combine business and pleasure: addressing business challenges, developing new skills, enjoying vibrant interactions, and networking with fascinating individuals on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The entire event typically unfolds in a luxurious Dubai hotel featuring gourmet cuisine, live music, and supplementary activities. Such was the case during the March 7th-8th event dedicated to International Women’s Day, where star speakers included May Musk, Natalia Vodianova, Tatyana Bakalchuk, and Mila Semeshkina, the founder of the Women’s Empowerment Council. Pre-registration for the upcoming WE Convention is already available on the event’s official website.

Why Every Woman Should Consider Attending a WE Convention

A significant aspect of a WE Convention is its format, which entails women empowering women. Experienced and well-known businesswomen within their respective industries share their accumulated wisdom with women who are just embarking on their careers. They offer guidance on breaking the “glass ceiling”, shattering stereotypes, and unveiling the secrets to crafting a dream career in various fields.

The organizers of the WE Convention have established a supportive platform for interaction among women, where each participant not only receives the assistance they need but also feels like an integral part of an expansive community. The conference facilitates encounters with like-minded women, potential partners, and investors. Another compelling reason to attend a WE Convention is the opportunity to find a mentor. This is relevant not only for newcomers, but also for seasoned professionals seeking to further their career growth. It is especially valuable for women to find support and understanding within their predominantly male work environments. A female mentor has the ability to not only motivate her colleague, impart skills and knowledge, foster career advancement, but they can also assist in building professional connections, managing interactions with male colleagues, and addressing emerging conflicts. WE Conventions present an ideal opportunity to identify a suitable mentor.

WE Conventions also host public talks, where attendees can stay informed about emerging market trends, advancements in technology, artificial intelligence, and the role of women in the global landscape. These sessions include discussions, presentations on pertinent topics, and introductions to inspiring women-led startups, in addition to offering dedicated areas for personal interactions.

Consequently, participation in WE Conventions allow women to:

  • Develop professional skills or knowledge and gain insights and experiences from other women
  • Expand their network and forge valuable business connections
  • Receive guidance from accomplished entrepreneurs and discover role models or mentors to help grow their career
  • Enhance self-confidence while exploring new possibilities and prospects

It’s safe to say that WE Conventions are a grand celebration of women’s strengths and are a perfect choice for businesswomen.

Getting Acquainted with the Women’s Empowerment Council

This organization is under the leadership of Mila Semeshkina, an entrepreneur, recognized career coach, brand development expert, and the founder of the educational platform Lectera. Mila Semeshkina also serves as the president of the international organization Women’s Empowerment Council. Importantly, not only women leaders actively participate in WEC’s activities, but supportive men, who adhere to the organization’s core principle of rejecting gender, cultural, and national restrictions also participate regularly.

The WEC isn’t solely a women’s empowerment initiative; it’s a vast community that unites businesswomen from diverse countries and industries, providing a platform for international communication and equal access to career opportunities, irrespective of gender. This empowers women to pursue their desired career growth, uncover new perspectives, and seize opportunities. Not only will participants gain knowledge and mentorship, but they will also connect with like-minded women. This is particularly significant for female entrepreneurs because, even in today’s world, business is often considered a predominantly male domain.

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