Warning: A Baby died after sitting in the Shopping Cart

Handling kids in supermarkets is a tough job. They tend to pick up different things and even break them up. Placing children in shopping carts is common practice.

But next time think twice before you place your child in the shopping cart. You might be risking your child’s life. A child named Logan just passed away because of the very reason. 

4433 Warning - A Baby died after his mother put him in the Shopping Cart

Vivianne, Logan’s mother, would go to the shopping mart every week to purchase weekly household items. Like every week, she placed Logan in the shopping cart and started to fill her cart. The boy was having a toy in his hand. The toy was used by the little one to scratch his gums.

Yet she never knew that these 30 minutes were enough to make Logan catch up on life-taking germs. She came home, gave Logan his bottle of milk, and put him off to sleep.

But to her surprise, the child didn’t wake up at 2 PM. To her surprise, Logan was in a deep sleep and was covered with sweat. The poor boy was going through fever.

She and her husband rushed towards the hospital. Finally, after an hour, doctors disclosed that Logan has been attacked by four different viruses adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonellosis, and meningitis.

4433 Warning - A Baby died after his mother put him in the Shopping Cart 01

The boy could not withstand the attack of dangerous viruses and passed away in the hospital within 2 days. The boy’s mother is indeed facing a great loss and has shared her story so that none would go through such a loss.

A cart may look clean yet it isn’t: it is in fact housed by various viruses. These invisible germs were the reason for Logan’s illness. Always clean the cart with anti-bacterial tissues before placing your child into them.

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