Video: Saudi officials beating women in orphanage

Saudi authorities have launched an investigation after a video of security officials beating women goes viral. In the video, Saudi officials are beating women with leather belts and dragging a woman by her hair.

Viral Video

The video has been filmed at the orphanage of Khamis Mushayt. In the video, the security officials, who are in their uniforms have been clearly seen beating women with wooden sticks and leather belts.

The women are in their black abayas. In the very video, a man is being seen dragging a woman by her hair while she cries and screams.

Some other footages show that security officials chase women as they run and shove them to the ground.

Full-Fledge Investigation

The governor of the Asir region has formed a committee to investigate the matter as it is not clear what is the background story and at what time this video was filmed.

The Saudi Human Rights Commission announced it has assigned a team to follow up on investigations into the incident and it is working with the relevant authorities.

The general public of Saudi Arabia fully trusts the authorities as well as the Saudi justice system, the justice will be served.

Source: Al Arabiya

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