Video: 2 men arrested for assaulting a Pakistani woman

Two men have been arrested in Riyadh for their involvement in assaulting and robbing a Pakistani woman in the street. Among the arrested men, one is identified as a Chadian expat while the other is a Saudi national.

A video of the two men assaulting a woman went viral. The video showed a woman walking with her daughter when one of the two suspects appeared talking to her. The suspect is also seen forcefully taking the woman’s bag while she is trying to run away.

The man forcefully snatched her bag after hitting her and pushing her to a wall. The woman fell unconscious while the man ran away with her bag. The second suspect helped him in fleeing the crime source.

The two were unaware that a camera was recording all their movement. After the video went viral, the Riyadh police launched an immediate investigation into this matter and also ordered the arrest of the offenders.

Fortunately, the two offenders were arrested soon in a short period.  They are now under trial for further investigation. They will be punished heavily under the Saudi judicial system.

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