VFS Tasheel Service for Saudi Visa Processing

Everybody knows what a hassle it is to get your visa work done, right? Well not anymore, now you can skip the long queues and endless paperwork by simply getting it done through VFS TasHeel International.

They have started an informative and helpful website which offers Visa services and complete guideline on how to apply for your visa and not miss out on handing over important paperwork which may get your application rejected.

ENJAZ REGISTRATION: Enjaz Information Technology had been contracted to improve and facilitate the process of online visa applications to enter Saudi Arabia through a single website.

Online visa applications need to be filled in with all your personal details before you can start the process. Once the forms are done, it will be taken through an approval process online.

The applicants will be allotted a reference number from which they can track their application status online. Every applicant will have to bear the non-refundable charge of ten and a half dollars.

Ten dollars out of that would-be visa processing fees and 50 cents would be the bank service charges. If you also want to avail this service, then you can download and complete the online form and send it to the consulate which has been designated in your region.

VISA INFORMATION AND GUIDELINES: Through the Enjaz online visa application facility, you can opt to choose from over 24 different visa categories. You may choose whichever category best suits your needs and requirements.

The 24 different visa categories are; Hajj Visa, Umrah Visa, Business (Commercial) Visit Visa, Family Visa, Government Visa, Personal Visit Visa, Business Visa, Tourist Visa, Work Visa, Working Visit Visa, Temporary Work Visa, Seasonal Visa, Special Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Transit Visa, Diplomatic Mission Visa, Product Delivery Visa, Escort Visa, Resident Visa, Student Visa, Treatment Visa, Businessman Visa, Expert Visa, Extended Return Visa

Visa, Enjaz and Medical Fees: Applicants must pay the Enjaz, Visa and Medical fees as they become applicable to you and the Service charge of ten and a half dollars as mentioned above.

The visa fees differ between every Visa category, which will be informed to you when you are applying for that specific visa type. The fees may even vary according to the Nationality and Type of Entry in some cases.

Applicants may pay the Medical, Enjaz and Visa fees at the Visa Service Centre or through the Enjaz website. If these payments have already been made, then clearly notify the Visa Service Centre while booking your appointment with them.

There is an additional Service Charge which is placed on each Visa application submitted at the VFS TasHeel Visa Service Centre. This is completely nonrefundable and is also charged on those applicants who do not have to pay any Visa or Enjaz charges.

PROCESSING TIME: The most common processing time for Saudi Arabian visas is from 4 to 7 working days from the date of receiving. It also depends on the accuracy of your documents and whether all documents that were required have been submitted. You can even track your application status online.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Without Photographs, no application process can be started. In the case of this visa application, one must provide photographs that are sized 2×2 or passport size.

The photographs you submit cannot be more than 6 months old as they will be ruled invalid. The photograph itself should be colored but the background of those photos can be only plain white and nothing else.

The photograph must contain a full view of your face, while you are directly facing the camera. No photographs of side view or angled view are accepted. If you need to submit more than 1 photo, you need to make sure they are identical.

The photograph cannot be printed on normal A4 paper and has to be on proper photo paper. The submitted photographs should not under any circumstances be marked, creased or torn.

The photograph is also not allowed to be cut down or trimmed from a larger photo to fit the size description given above. They can also not have any form of writing or scribbling on either the front or back of the photograph.

Applicants can refer to their Visa category on the official VFS TasHeel website to find out the necessary or required documents and the number of photographs they need to submit with their application.

COLLECTION OF PASSPORTS: If you have already submitted the passport to the VFS Tasheel to begin the processing, you can visit the Status of Application link on the website to check the status of your application.

Once a decision has been finalized regarding your application by the Mission, your passport is then returned to the VFS Tasheel so that it can be delivered to its rightful owners.

You can also choose the SMS service while you schedule your appointment or when you submit your application at the VFS Tasheel. Through this service, you will receive an SMS regarding any updates or status regarding your application.

Those of the applicants, who have been called to come and take the Visa, can head on over to the VFS Tasheel. When you go to the Service Center you should make sure you go in the time allotted for Passport collection.

The reception should be informed that you are there for the collection of your passport and they will sort everything out for you.

Applicants should also remember to take along your original receipt or invoice which you were provided at the time of submitting your application.

If someone such as a travel agent or colleague is going to be collecting your passport, they will have to be in possession of an authorization letter which has been signed by you and additionally the original receipt or invoice which was mentioned above.

Once these documents are presented to the reception you will be directed towards the delivery section of the center from which you can collect your passport.

It should be noted that those passports which are not collected in 30 days, after the owner of the passport are informed of the passport is ready, it will be shipped back to the mission.

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