What is the Validity of Yellow Slip or permanent family visa issued online?

Question: Is it possible that the yellow slip mentions the validity? What I mean is for how long the yellow slip is valid? At what time, it becomes useless and cannot be stamped on the passport.

Answer by Khurram: It's valid until one Hijri year until it gets stamped. After getting stamped, it will be valid for 2 Hijri months only.

Question:  Are you sure Khurram about the one Hijri year validity??  As I plan to bring my wife after 7 Hijri months. But considering the fact how hard it is to get an appointment I thought to start the process from now. Can you tell me if the translations need to be attested from somewhere as well? or translation from authorized place is enough? My marriage certificate translation is attested from Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi embassy, and MOFA Saudi Arabia. But degree translation is not attested.

Answer by Khurram: Ziad I didn't go through my personal experience about the one Hijri year validity but yes I've asked several people and they confirmed that it is valid for one Hijri years (before stamped).

Moreover, I saw notice board in Istiqdam office mentioning that in the case of any spelling mistakes or errors in Yellow Slip can be amended within 72 hours.  There is no need for the translations to be attested if you already have degrees attested up to MOFA Saudi Arabia.

Answer by Ghazipura: As per link below, the validity of the Yellow slip issued by the Istiqdam office for the permanent family visa is 1 Hijri year.

Although it is written on Ministry of Foreign Affairs website that the Yellow Slip is valid for 2 years but the website was last updated in 2010 and the agents in the home countries do not accept Yellow slip after the expiry of 12 months.

So, I can say that the Yellow Slip is valid only for 1 years.

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