Vacation in the Land of Religion and the Sea

If you are going to visit Saudi Arabia, there are many places and tips to know about. Review this article to know more to arrange your travel better.

Good Sightseeing in Saudi Arabia + Tips for Travelers

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country full of amazing places to see and visit. Still, this Arabic country has strict rules all visitors should follow. You may not need to know that before arranging vacations in Saudi Arabia, but you may face many Internet restrictions related to visiting various websites. That may appear to be problematic only at first glance. We will tell you a bit later how to arrange your journey in a better way. But, let’s start with the most interesting – places we suggest you visit in the first turn.

Which City in Saudi Arabia is the Most Beautiful?

It is very difficult to identify the best Saudi Arabia locations. The country has plenty of beautiful landscapes and places to see. You can see amazing mountains, sand dunes, and modern developed cities here. So, what are the basic spots we suggest you visit?


This is the capital of the country and a city that is easy to reach from nearly any corner of the world. Even if this big city is overcrowded and a bit dusty, there are many interesting places to visit here. It has an enormous number of cultural and historical places that travelers may explore. Those who like to walk around the ruins of cities may find Riyadh a good option for those journeys. Such ruins are located outside the capital, but they are easy to reach. Among cultural places to visit, we can recommend to you the National Museum and one of the largest local mosques – Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque.

Natural landscapes are also amazing. All of them are located outside Riyadh. The Camel Trail is also an interesting thing to explore for foreigners. When the sun goes down, visiting Skybridge tower may become an unforgettable event. The good thing is that the local government has announced the construction of a large entertainment project. And that can make the city even more attractive for visitors.


This city is considered to be one of the most progressive local cities, and that is the second largest one. It may be a good place to visit first as it is one of the most liberal, with plenty of modern cafes, parties, and other things that are usual for most foreigners. But, the city is also good for Al Balad – its old city that is included in UNESCO World Heritage. This old city looks amazing before sunset time.

You may also visit the Red Sea nearby. There is a beautiful coastline with amazing beaches. If we speak about the sea, we suggest you also think about visiting the Floating Mosque. Yes, it is located exactly on the sea. That may appear to be very interesting, isn’t it? And the last place we suggest you visit is Al Wahba Crater, which originated after the meteorite crash, is another good place to visit.


This is totally another universe. Here you may see people who wear traditional clothes and are very friendly to foreigners at the same time. They consider it good to take photos and speak with foreigners. From this location, you may also go to mountain villages where the landscapes are amazing.

Things You Should Know Before Arranging Your Journey to Saudi Arabia

Good news – this country enabled the application for an electronic visa. All foreigners who are 18 years old may apply for that. This is a new convenient way for arranging a journey.

You may also wonder whether this country is safe enough. Yes, it is safe for tourists subject to compliance with certain local customs and restrictions. Your behavior should not be too offensive or attractive. It is better to be calm and mindful of the people and places surrounding you. For instance, it is forbidden to play music during the times of praying. Another example is that it is better to avoid fitting clothes.

By the way, the times of praying are a sacred time for locals. Even local restaurants are closed at this time. If you want to practice your own religion, this is possible. But, you should keep this private. In Saudi Arabia, it is prohibited to make any public propaganda of other religion than Islam.

In this country, it is prohibited to sell alcohol. We also don’t suggest you risk consuming it anywhere in this country.

If you are visiting any place or house and the owner wants to give you a portion of food or a small present, this is a sign of hospitality only. It is considered to be rude to refuse from such. According to the local tradition, such a gift should be taken with your right hand. If you are invited inside a house, you should take your shoes off unless the owner tells you not to do this.

Locals like and encourage foreigners to ask questions about their culture. Still, in this case, we advise you to be moderate and don’t be too curious about their local customers. Try not to react too surprisingly. That may appear a bit offensive. We also suggest you avoid any religious or political matters for discussing with locals.

What Things Tourists Are Allowed to Do in Saudi Arabia?

If you want to travel around the country, this is more than possible. There are two suitable options for this case. You may rent a car or fly by plane. The first option is suitable for short distances mostly, around 300 km. There are two important points here. Not all rental companies offer options for traveling for a long distance. And even if you manage to find those, this trip may be very expensive. If you choose to fly by plane, this is the most convenient and sometimes safest option to arrange your travel. Depending on your route, this also can be the only possible option too.

The good news is that the local government has eliminated specific restrictions for foreigners. Couples may rent a hotel room, and it is also possible to choose a freer dress code. For women, it is allowed to drive cars.

There are severe restrictions on visiting specific websites in Saudi Arabia. That may appear to be very burdensome for a person who is accustomed to visiting any website. Good news – it is possible to unblock any website by using a VPN tool. This application may not only ensure you access to any website you wish to visit but also can protect your phone from possible cyber threats. Free time for enjoying this service is always provided. Yes, a VPN trial is a thing that induces you to enjoy this option more. Users frequently start exploring other censored websites. Human curiosity is a good thing in most cases. And with a site unblocker, it can create miracles.

The Best Time When Should I Go to Saudi Arabia?


The country is beautiful in most seasons of the year in its special way. But, most tourists may find summertime too extraordinary because of the severe hot weather conditions. The best time for visiting this country is January-February. At that time, the temperature is around +25. This is quite a comfortable time for exploring this country.

Last Words

In Saudi Arabia, you may see amazing cities and places. Respect local customs only, and don’t worry about web restrictions. A VPN service is a good site unblocker for burdensome limitations. It will help to unblock any web site and make your journey far easier.

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