How to update Iqama in AlBilad bank online?

You can update your Iqama or CIF number online using Bank AlBilad net banking or Enjaz phone banking.

Update iqama with Bank Albilad net banking

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the “Main Menu“.
  • Select “Profile“.
  • Click on “Update ID expiry date“.

The system will show a message on your screen that “Dear Customer, Your ID Expiry date is within a few days. The system will also show your date of birth on the screen.

Click on the “Update” button.

albilad net iqama update

When you click the “Update” option, a pop-up message will appear confirming that you have renewed your ID. You need to click on the “Continue” button to proceed. 

Congratulations, your Iqama has been successfully updated with the Bank AlBilad system.

albilad net iqama update

If you proceed without renewing your Iqama, you will get an error message.

Update iqama by visiting a Bank Albilad branch

If it is not easy for you to update your Iqama through net banking, you can always visit any branch of Albilad bank for it. 

  • In order to find the nearest branch, you can type “Bank Albilad” on Google maps or use the Branch Locator.
  • Take a token for the customer services and explain the purpose of your visit to the officer upon your turn.
  • The officer will take your Iqama, make a copy of it, print a form and ask you to sign it. Soon, your ID expiry date will be updated in the Bank Albilad system.
  • If your account was frozen, it should have been activated now. You can withdraw some money from Albilad ATM to check if it is reactivated.

Update Iqama/CIF through Enjaz Call Center

Although I did not have to call the Enjaz helpline to update my Iqama as it was done by them automatically, you can still follow this procedure.

update iqama with EnjazIn order to update your Iqama or CIF, you can call the Enjaz Call Center.

What is the CIF number in Enjaz?

CIF refers to the Customer Information File maintained at the bank. In Enjaz, the CIF number means your account number stated on the Enjaz card issued to you.

Their website states that you don’t have to carry your Enjaz card for every transaction as long as you know the CIF number.

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