How to update Iqama in Alawwal Bank online?

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If you have an account with Alawwal Bank, you don't need to visit their branch to update your Iqama expiry date as you can do it online very easily. In this article, we have explained two ways of updating ID details with Alawwal Bank.

Update Iqama with Alawwal Bank Online Banking

The first and the easiest way to update your Iqama expiry date with Alawwal bank is through internet banking. First of all, login to your Alawwal bank internet banking account.

If your Iqama has already expired or it is about to expire in the next 3 months, the option to update it will appear on your home screen. You just need to click on the “Update” button to proceed.

A new page will open with your Iqama details. You need to enter your date of birth as per the Iqama and agree with the terms and conditions.

Finally, the system will show you a message that your Iqama details have been updated with Alawwal Bank online. If your account was frozen, it will be activated within a few minutes.

 update Iqama in Alawwal Bank online

Update ID by visiting a Branch

If you are not comfortable with the online method of updating iqama details with the bank, you can always visit any Alawwal bank branch to do it manually.

  • In order to find the nearest branch, write “Alawwal Bank” in Google Maps or use the “Branch Locator” given on the bank website.
  • Take a token of “Customer Services” and explain the purpose of your visit to the officer. He will ask you to provide him your iqama.
  • He will make a copy of the iqama, take a print of a form from the system and ask you to sign it.
  • Soon, he will update your Iqama in the system. In case of frozen account, you can withdraw some funds from any ATM to verify that it has been activated.

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