Unveiled News Anchor on Saudi Channel under Criticism

News Anchor without Scarf: A few years ago, it was seen that a Saudi anchor-woman was making global headlines and developing interest on social media as she presented herself without covering her head with a scarf on a Saudi News Channel. 

Generally, women in Saudi Arabia are not seen without covering their head or their body in public. Al-ekhbariya news channel telecasted the anchorwoman without wearing a veil, which seemed quite shocking for many.

Since Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country that requires on the proper covering of the head for women, it was quite shocking for the people to see an anchorwoman with an uncovered head.

The News Anchor was in Britain: However, Saleh al-mughailaif, a spokesperson for the channel clarified that the woman was reporting from a studio in Britain, and therefore took such step of not covering her head, but at the same time sincerely apologized from the public on her behalf and assured that anything like this will never be repeated. 

According to the Gulf News, the spokesperson clearly said the anchorwoman was not in Saudi Arabia. He even clarified that he, along with his other fellows has full respect of our country’s values and the systems.

The issue is not a new one: This news was not only reported by the Saudi TV channel but also seen on the American and British sites as an important headline. The issue of women uncovering their heads in Saudi is not new.

Many of such cases are reported every now and then. However, women are expected to wear a head covering if they report as a news anchor or any other field from Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia’s customs can be clearly understood by looking at the country’s history.

Strict Islamic Rules had to be followed: After the modern nation was founded in 1932, and the 18th-century pact was signed between the ruling al– Saud monarchy and Wahhabis, a bunch of people who strictly followed Islamic laws.

Ever since then, strict Islamic law has been imposed on Saudi Arabia. The full coverage of women, especially the head is one of these customs and not obeying the rules can give rise to serious consequences.

All versions of Islam explain that women should cover their body and head and should dress decently. Saudi Arabia is, however, the first Muslim country that legally imposes women to properly cover their body along with their head.

Saudi Arabia is changing: Since the time new crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken the charge of the office, he has taken revolutionary steps to improve the image of Saudi Arabia in the external world.

Now you can find women on the driving seat in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world where women were not allowed to drive.

Similarly, in another statement, he has said that Abaya is not necessary for women. They need to choose a decent attire for themselves which does not need to be an Abaya.

Source: Al Arabiya

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