Unlock the Power of Amazon Seller Leads

How to Find and Convert More Customers?

Amazon online arbitrage is all about finding the best product at the best possible time. It matters what you resell and when and where you buy it. A slight misconception about prices and product sourcing can harm your business and reduce profits. On the other hand, one good decision can put you on the path to success.

One of the things that help you avoid sourcing mistakes is finding Amazon Leads. Amazon Leads are paths and products that guide sellers (even beginners) to the best deals to help them achieve more profits. How important are Amazon leads, and how can they help you as a business owner? Does it matter “where” you get the lists? These are the questions that we are going to answer in this article.

What Are Amazon Seller Leads [Deals]?

You might have read about Amazon seller leads or seller “deals” here and there. These two concepts are the same, and looking at them as “resources” is good. A leads list is a resource that provides you with multiple profitable online arbitrage deals. You can select among them and buy the suggested product, resell them for a higher price, and make online arbitrage easier for yourself.

Some Amazon seller leads come as a subscription-based list, and some are free. Usually, the subscripted ones are more updated and accurate. Since prices and discounts are ever-changing, lists get regular updates too. Some leads lists are updated weekly, daily, or several times daily.


How Much Money Can You Make Via Amazon Online Arbitrage Leads?

Generally saying, your sales will increase after using an online arbitrage leads list since it’s easier and faster to get your hands on targeted profitable products. It’s not uncommon for sellers to make more than 100% profits via leads.

Online arbitrage is a profitable business itself, and leads can help increase that. If you are considering entering the business, you should read about all kinds of fees and costs of Amazon services.

Who Needs Amazon Leads?

Simply said: all the sellers who make their money by selling products on Amazon can benefit from Amazon Leads. Lead lists are tools that each seller can use as they see fit. These are the people who will make the most benefit if they access any kind of Amazon Leads list:

  • Beginners in online arbitrage (since they need more expertise to search and find products manually).
  • Professional sellers who get very busy during special times of the year and can’t find the time to find deals for themselves.
  • Sellers who have specific goals for their business (like profiting a particular amount in a short time)
  • Sellers who need to gain more knowledge about Amazon regulations and restrictions (since some leads are HAZMAT filtered and help you get past these limitations).

What You Need to Know Before Buying Amazon Leads Services

Before starting to use Amazon leads as a profit tool, there are some tips to consider. The most important one is that these lists are not supposed to do the job for you; they just help you do it easier and faster. So after getting a leads list, you still have to work hard to expand your online arbitrage business. Here are some useful things to know as a seller considering OA leads:

  • Make sure you get the lists from the right place. Some websites and software send outdated lists to multiple people without any customization. This causes some categories and products to be crowded.
  • Pay for what you need. While deciding about the best sourcing list, you will face many subscription plans offering different features. While some of these plans seem perfect, you must select the one that fits your sales calendar and unique needs. If you are not professional yet, choose beginner plans.
  • Read reviews and find out what people think. Before making the final purchase, read reviews about the provider, search their social media comments, and watch videos. This gives you first-hand insight and information about the provider.
  • Do your research. Based on what you sell, “your” perfect OA leads list might be different. Some websites offer the best deals on groceries, and some excel at electronics and gadgets. Take some time and search between different sources to find the one that works for you.

How to Use Amazon Seller Leads?

Different seller leads require different approaches. But there is a general road map that most of the sellers go to after getting their list. These lists include product names, information, and purchase links to each of them. It’s best to know your goals and category before starting to purchase. When you make the category decision, it’s time to see the options. See your different options and click on any link you want to buy. Select them, buy them, and start the online arbitrage journey.

What is the Minimum ROI of FBA Leads

ROI, or Return Of Investment, is the calculation of the monetary value of an investment versus its cost. Since FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) Leads claim they help increase benefits and make sales more targeted, it’s important to know their statistics. While you can’t get an exact percentage of ROI to count on, you can say the amount of investment return depends highly on where you get your leads lists.

Different categories have different ROIs. In the Toys category, a 40% ROI can be acceptable, but some other ones, like groceries, can have up to 80% ROIs. Depending on where you get your leads, these lists can guarantee a minimum 30% profit (especially if you get them from reliable providers like OABeans). It’s better to contact your providers to know more about list profits.

Are OA Leads Legal?

Online arbitrage is not only legal in the US but encouraged. Other countries don’t have a problem with this business as long as you stay away from counterfeit products and respect the platform’s regulations. Since online arbitrage lead providers are tools that help facilitate a completely legal line of business, they have no problems.

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