Can we extend Umrah Visa after 3 months?

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The Saudi Government issues an Umrah visa for a period of 3 months. Many pilgrims ask if they can extend the validity of an Umrah visa after 3 months.

Can we extend Umrah Visa?

In normal circumstances, all pilgrims are required to leave Saudi Arabia within the validity of an Umrah visa. In case they overstay the visa, there are heavy penalties followed by deportation and a permanent ban to enter Saudi Arabia again on any kind of visa.

When can we extend Umrah Visa?

However, if a pilgrim is sick and has a medical condition that is not suitable for him to travel, a doctor in the government hospital has the authority to request an extension of his Umrah visa.

Can we extend Umrah Visa?

In such a scenario, the hospital requests the extension of the Umrah visa to Jawazat and it is normally approved. However, the visa extension is only approved for the patient. The attendents must leave the country within their visa validity.

Medical Conditions to allow extension

You must be thinking about what kind of medical conditions allow a doctor to request an extension of visa, these are emergency cases such as;

  • Heart Surgery.
  • Brain Surgery.
  • Traffic Accident causing severe physical damage.

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