Umme Abdul Rahman- A 50 years old tea Seller

A mother’s love endures through all. She sacrifices herself for her children. Umme Abdul Rahman is a woman in her 50s who is a mother and has sacrificed her life, her sleep, comfort and everything for her children.

She has taken the place of the male member of the house who walks out to earn a livelihood.  Umme Abdul Rahman uses to sell tea and coffee at the sidewalk and earn a legal livelihood.

She sells tea in the cold weather of Tabuk

Umme Abdul Rahman wakes up early in the morning and starts her every single day preparing the thermos of hot coffee and tea to sell and earn a legal livelihood to feed her kids. The cold weather of Tabuk which goes below the freezing point at sometimes of the day never bothered her or even stopped her from her work.

Every day she walkout from her house carrying tea and coffee thermos and other accessories and sits at the sideways to sell her tea despite cold and frosting morning. Although her life is tough, she feels warmth in her heart when people who meet her respect her and call her a virtuous mother.

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Her family doesn’t have a source of income

Her story was disclosed through some of the reporters who talked to her knowing the reason for her selling tea and coffee in the cold morning. She is a mother of daughters with no source of income. She was unable to find any job to feed her family. Hence this idea clicked her mind and she found it quite easy and nice. She also claimed that this source of income is sufficient to meet her daily needs.

She warmly welcomes everyone except the people and workers who she deems might have any materialistic need from her. She also hesitates to talk to people thinking that she might be blamed falsely.

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The mother also said that there are several kind people in this country who could help them but she does not ask anyone to fulfill her need except God. She has a firm belief that God will provide her too much by his grace and blessings.

She thanks Allah all the time

She thanked God that she is able to find customers who prefer to buy her hot drinks and also encouraged her and appreciated her for her work. She sells all kinds of teas, coffee and ginger milk and also some crackers. Fortunately, she always got good remarks from the people and no one ever complained to her for inconveniency.

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She is truly a great mother and a symbol of inspiration for those who use to beg rather than using their skills to earn a legal and valuable livelihood.

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