7 reasons to visit Umluj Beach – The Maldives of Saudi Arabia

The province of Umluj possesses attractive and beautiful beaches. The Province that rests in the west of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a distance of 147 km in the north is one of the favorite tourist’s destinations. The Province, formerly known as the “Al-Hawra” is famous these days due to Umluj Beach.

People are amazed by Umluj Beach smooth sand, historic and archeological richness and of course its natural islands and beaches. The attractive and breathtaking view that the province projects draw the attention of the photographers as well: photographers just love to capture the natural beauty of the place!

Among the famous photographers, Nasser Abdulla Al Kathiri is also the one who praised the beauty of the Umluj province. He claims that the beauty of the province is unique and thereby Umluj Beach shall rightly be known as the “Saudi Maldives”. Here are the reasons why you shall visit the Umluj Province and its beaches:

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  1. Hundreds of Islands

You read that right! The province is home to 104 natural and beautiful islands. The beaches have a different color of sands: which are equally superior. Around the province, you will experience a tropic and priceless atmosphere!

The best part is that there are boating services available there: you can have a round of the site through a boat and enjoy a great boating experience. The fish water there is home to beautifully colored fish. Also in summers, Dolphins inhabit the region.

  1. Migrating birds

The eye-catching Daqm beach of Umluj is kind of a resting place of the migrating birds and marine animals because of Umluj Beach moderate atmosphere. Viewing some beautiful birds and fishes is no less than a treat you know!

  1. Close to nature

well if you look around there are beautiful palm trees standing high, mango farms resting in the east: the mangoes tend to shine while being wrapped in green leaves at the sunset is a magical view! And then to spark contrast there are some volcanoes (safe as inactive), mountains and sand dunes.

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  1. Flowing springs

fresh and clear water flows out from the springs: the Koff spring is a beauty of its own kind. Umluj Beach rests between the mountains and the sand: water flowing amidst a mountain and sand, beauty at its peak!

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  1. Umluj Sea

The Sea possesses a great many Islands which are just perfect for water sports such as diving and surfing. 

  1. Beaches for family recreation

the beaches in Umluj are perfect for families. The scenic beaches provide with great scenery and temperature. The palm trees that cover the Ras Al Shaaban Beach and Doqm Beach look mesmerizing. The island of Jabal Hassan which is among the rocky and sandy islands of Umluj is a must to visit the place.

  1. A part of the Red Sea Project

The Red sea project which is recently announced by the Saudi Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Public Investment Fund, Mohammed bin Salman, is a tourism project that is planned to develop tourism resorts on the natural Islands.

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