9 things to do in Umluj

Umluj is also called the Maldives of Saudi Arabia due to its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water in the sea. Tourists who come to Umluj often struggle to find places to visit or things to do in the city.

What is the best time to go?

The weather in Umluj remains quite hot and humid in most parts of the year. The best time to visit the Maldives of Saudi Arabia is from November to March.

Umluj Beach

Umluj beach with shallow shores is probably the best beach in Saudi Arabia where you can swim in crystal clear water. As a tourist visiting Umluj, you would be spending most of your time at this place.

Being close to nature, you could go enjoy fishing there and shell picking here. You are not allowed to go beyond 5 meters from the shore unless you have a license to do so.

Umluj Beach - Maldives of Saudi Arabia

Boat Trip

At Umluj port, you will find many boats to hire that can take you to beautiful islands and shallow swimming and fishing areas. Since there are not many tourist places to visit in Umluj, you should not miss the boat ride.

  • Boat Ride Price: SR 200/hr – SR 400/hr.
  • Khalid Abu Waleed: 050-5379308
  • Blue Boat Hire: 055-6540239
  • Al Basil Boat Trips: 050-9939187
  • Maris Umluj Boat Trips: 0501-310661
  • Maris Umluj Al Hara Maeem: 0505-276398
  • Hire Sea Trips Rafaf Al Habib:055-2025510

Boat Trip in Umluj - places to visit in umluj

Scuba Diving

If you come back from Umluj without having a Scuba Diving experience, you have wasted your trip. Scuba diving with such a beautiful coral life and crystal clear water of the Maldives of Saudi Arabia is a must-try.

If you are not experienced, you can join them as beginners. They will take some classes before taking you deep into the sea. You can visit their place to book scuba diving in Umluj.

  • Umluj Diver Center Location.
  • Umluj Diver Center WhatsApp: 054-7022488
  • Umluj Diver Center Cost: SR 350/person.

Jabal Hasan Island

While you are booking the boat trip in the sea, you can also ask them to take you to Jabal Hasan Island located around 18 km from Umluj beach.

This island, rich with beautiful beaches, fishing spots, and coral reefs. It was once an ancient passageway for ships traveling between Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt.

Jabal Hasan Island - Maldives of Saudi Arabia

Al Manakhah Heritage Museum

Al Manakhah Heritage Museum is a private small museum where you can see some old generation items. Tourists visit this beautiful yet small museum in Umluj after they get free from water activities.

  • Al Manakhah Heritage Museum Ticket: SR 15/person.
  • Timing: 9 am to 12 pm – 4 pm to 10 pm.
  • Al Manakhah Heritage Museum Location.

Al Manakhah Heritage Museum - places to visit in umluj

Emirates Palace

Tourists who want to know the history of Umluj love to visit Emirates Palace which was built in 1953 and used by the governor of the Al-Hawra region for 21 years as the main center and military headquarters. It was built with volcanic rocks located in the north of Umluj.

Emirates Palace - places to visit in umluj

Mango Farm

If you are traveling to Umluj between April-June, you should not miss the visit to Mango Orchard. It’s a beautiful farm and the caretaker is very helpful. The farm has a variety of trees such as mangoes, custard apple, drumsticks, oranges, etc.

Mango Farm - places to visit in umluj

Duqm Tourist Park

You can take your children to Duqm tourist park as there are some rides alongside the beach and lushgreen grass where they can play. As we said earlier, there are not many tourist places to visit in Umluj so you will have to compromise on the quality of the listed places.

Duqm Tourist Park - things to do in Umluj

Black Sand Dunes

If you drive a 4X4 car, you should not miss to visit the black sand dunes of Saudi Arabia. You need to drive in a difficult terrain to get to Harrat Lunayyir from Umluj but it is worth every minute spent.

Black Sand Dunes in Saudi Arabia

15 reasons to visit Umluj

  1. Turquoise Waters.
  2. Cotton Candy Sands.
  3. Stunning Coral Reefs.
  4. An Abundance of Sea Life.
  5. Excellent Year-Round Weather.
  6. Impressive Volcanoes and Lava Fields.
  7. Dramatic Canyons and Mountain Ranges.
  8. Ancient Archaeological Treasures.
  9. Vast Nature Reserves.
  10. Amazing Migratory Birds.
  11. Health Benefits.
  12. Sustainable Tourism Untouched Beauty.
  13. Very Safe for You and Your Family.
  14. Low-Cost Destinations.
  15. Accessible and Well Connected.

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