Ultimate Car Tour Guide for Dubai popular attractions

Undeniably, Dubai has something to offer everyone. Whether you are visiting the city for sightseeing, nightlife, shopping spree, admire the beautiful culture or just laze around the beaches and have a relaxed holiday; you are sure to come to a bag full of contentment.

A piece of news: Emirates has ranked ahead of cities like New York, Rome, London and Paris. Tripadvisor released its Travelers’ Choice Awards for 2022 and declared Dubai as the world’s most popular destination for 2022.

As per the MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index, Dubai currently attracts 15.8 million visitors annually and is aiming to attract 25 million visitors by 2025.

If you are planning a visit anytime soon, here’s an ultimate car tour guide for Dubai’s popular attractions. There are multiple options like hiring a limousine service from the companies like CCLimo.ae and more, offering deals and exclusive packages for an entire day trip. Cab fares get exorbitant and metros can get inconvenient.

Seven popular attractions you must visit

Global Village

Global Village is a family-friendly destination known for retail therapy, heaps of entertainment and vibrant culture. The touristy spot has lots to offer- richness of different nations, shows and activities. It is designed to take visitors on a journey of exploring every nation’s art, music, culture and food. Along with the impressive entertainment, the distinct food represented by various pavilions is something you can drool over.

Also, the look and feel is simply amazing. Enjoy the imitations of various famous destinations while gazing on to the street performances. Located in the outskirts of the city, The Global Village season starts in November and ends in April, the following year. Buy a ticket for only AED 15 and get ready for an entertainment-packed zone.

Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is known as the largest flower garden in the world with a spread of 72,000 square meters covered with floral sculptures, floral themes and endless flower-beddings. The world’s largest natural flower garden blossoms into a sweet-scented and beautiful paradise. One of the highlights is that the floral creation changes with the season delivering a different experience to the visitor each time.

The garden displays about 50 million flowers, which is by far the largest count of any garden in the world. Also, find a large number of popular floral themes including The Heart’s Passage, Teddy Bear, Giant Tortoise, Emirates Airbus A380, Ants Colony and more. The garden is open to visitors from mid-November to May.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall is not just the biggest but also the most visited and there are clear reasons for it. Here’s a fact that will leave you in awe. The mall covers an area of more than 1 million sqm and is the largest spot for shopping, leisure and entertainment in the world. It is well known for luxury stores, extensive food courts, beauty salons, and abundant entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, the mall houses an unforgettable indoor fountain, an underwater zoo, a massive ice rink, an aquarium and a larger-than-life theater. Well, you can be sure of spending an entire day at the mall and wanting to go back again.

Burj Khalifa

The famous Burj Khalifa needs no introduction. Popularly recognized as the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa is a 200-plus-story building at 828 meters with 160 liveable floors. An interesting fact remains that the tower took about 22 million man-hours to build and has breathtaking architecture on the 124th and 148th floor

The iconic place offers the world’s highest restaurant on the 122nd floor and the highest observation deck on the 160th floor. Truly a feat of engineering, Burj Khalifa has been a tourist attraction since 2010. The basic entry point ticket starts at AED 159 and you can further explore experiences such as a three-course meal with rooftop access at AED 259 and a fountain tour starting from AED 20. WIth so many mesmerizing views to offer, the heart of Dubai is a must visit.

Jumeirah Mosque

To begin with, Jumeirah Mosque is one of the few mosques in UAE allowing entry to non-muslims. White stone facade, sophisticated minarets, and exquisite landscaping add to the beauty of the Jumeirah Mosque.

The mosque is one of the earliest landmarks of Jumeirah and a must-see spot. It can accommodate about 1300 people at once and demands a nominal fee to visit. With no pre-registration, visitors can attend the Friday prayer which begins at 10 am sharp and enjoy some hot beverages and snacks along. The mosque offers a guided tour daily with an entry fee of AED 20 per person and free for children under 12. You can rent a car to view the beauty from outside at any hour of the day. Only remember to be modestly dressed.

Museum of The Future

Out of the many reasons responsible for its popularity, the most evident one is the imposing structure. The seven-storeyed sprawling circular structure is spread across 30,000 square meters and stands at 77 meters. It is a new addition to the Dubai top attraction spots and has already qualified as one of the most beautiful constructions in the world.

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the museum features a hollow elliptical structure, presenting some futuristic experiences- a trip to the Amazon rainforest or space. Visually, the museum represents human development, innovation and global inspiration. Made of stainless steel, the museum has no sharp edges and has a string of experiential displays. The structure utilizes virtual and augmented reality technology, AI and human-machine interaction and big data analysis.

In a nutshell, the museum establishes new inventive benchmarks and by no means you should miss it.

Dubai Frame

Another iconic structure of Dubai to hold a world record- is the Dubai Frame. It is touted as the largest picture frame and is a state-of-the-art glass frame connecting parallel vertical towers. It is designed with decorative glass and features an abstract look. If you are looking for a 360-degree view of the city, here’s what you can do- walk across the bridge at the top of the frame. A glimpse of the city’s panoramic views from a 150-meter height is sureshot. The story behind the iconic structure is to celebrate the old establishment days of Dubai to its modern future.

The ideal way to get to these popular tourist destinations is by road. Rent a chauffeur-driven car such as a limousine to experience luxury at its peak.

So, a car rental service is a wise choice to explore the beauty of Dubai in style.

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