UAE-Israel Agreement: Everything you need to know

Recently, the UAE and Israel made a deal after years of disagreements. The two nations have made an agreement that will further enhance and make their relations better in terms of trade and various other things.

Although it is a peaceful deal, some countries have reacted badly against it.

The reaction of Muslim Countries

The reaction of Muslim countries regarding the UAE and Israel deal has been mixed.

Turkey and Iran: Countries like Turkey and Iran have bashed UAE to take such a step and have shown concerns over this agreement.

Palestine: Moreover, Palestinians were also seen taking action against the deal by protesting on the streets. The Palestinians believe that their country is not for sale, and the normalization of such relations would be a crime.

Pakistan: Pakistan has stated that their only concern is the Peace of Palestine and the rights of the people of Palestine.

However, other Muslim countries like Oman, Egypt, and Bahrain have welcomed the UAE and Israel deal.

The reaction of Non-Muslim Countries

USA: The USA has also asked other countries to step up and make deals with Israel so that stronger relations can be made.

Spain and France: As said before, various countries appreciated the normalization of the diplomatic relations between UAE and Israel. European countries such as Spain and France have praised the middle eastern nations for their step towards the restoration of diplomatic ties.

China: Not just that, but they have also appreciated the USA for their part in the UAE-Israel agreements. Apart from this, the Asia giant, China has also shown a positive response towards this deal.

European Union: Along with that, the European Union and United Nations have also welcomed the agreement and are hopeful that Israel’s annexation plans would now be abandoned.


The UAE-Israel agreement is indeed historic, however, it is also controversial. The deal can erupt conflicts between the Muslim nations if Israel does not maintain peace in Palestine areas despite their deal with the UAE.

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