UAE couple gets married in hospital after the groom’s father falls ill

He loves his father: Nowadays, we often see young people falling in love and getting settled into their lives forgetting about their parents who brought them up with love and affection.

But not all couples are like that, some still have the same love for their parents and family even if they are living far away from them.

The couple was living in Canada: The story of Bangladeshi/Pakistani couple melted everyone’s heart. The couple was living in Canada where they had planned their grand wedding in July.

Groom’s Father fell ill: Unfortunately, the groom’s father fell ill with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) caused by pneumonia.  His health became worse and he was ventilated in the hospital. The couple flew all the way from Canada to Dubai where the groom’s father was hospitalized.

They flew to Dubai from Canada: The groom, Ribat said that his father had always been healthy that is why everyone in the family was shocked because of his illness. His mother was panicking with his father in such a state and the couple immediately flew to Dubai.

They got married in the hospital: As the health of the groom’s father improved, the couple decided to bring the wedding to him. A couple of days later, they got married at his bedside in the hospital. The best way to start your married life, with the blessings and prayers of your elders.

Although the groom’s father, Chaudhary started recovering and was taken off the ventilator, he still wasn’t fit enough to fly to Canada. It was at this moment that the couple decided to get married right at his bedside in the hospital.

It was the bride’s idea: It was the bride’s idea that they should get married at the hospital in the presence of the groom’s father. She said that as he could not make it to our wedding we decided to bring our wedding to him.

The couple held their nikah ceremony at the hospital while their grand wedding event is still scheduled to be on the 16th of July in Toronto, Canada. A beautiful act by the couple has stirred the emotions of many people. May God bless them and may they have a happy married life ahead. Amen.

What is ARDS? Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a medical condition characterized by widespread inflammation in the lungs. ARDS is not a particular disease; rather, it is a clinical condition triggered by various pathologies such as trauma, pneumonia, and sepsis.

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