10 types of men you shouldn’t marry

Marriage is one of the most crucial decisions in life. Choosing a partner has to be a wise decision. Many women tend to suffer the consequences of not choosing wisely! When looking for a life partner, you don’t only have to see the desirable traits, but you need to know which traits of men are not desirable for a successful marriage.

This is the reason we are here with those ten traits you should make sure your husband-to-be does not have at all!

  1. Men who do not settle with a job

the men who do not settle with their job as “its pay is too low” or “their talent wasn’t appreciated” are absolutely no for marriage. These men haven’t grown up and haven’t learned to settle. They won’t ever get a permanent job, won’t adjust with you, won’t help you out in house chores or look after the kids. Avoid such men!

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  1. World’s favorite victim

The ones who believe that all unjust things have happened to them and that they are the world’s biggest victims. They believe the world treats them unfairly. Ladies, there is a reason other hate them, don’t be a fool to love them!

  1. Short tempered

Being short tempered and damaging people and their emotions is no fun. Such men can be violent after marriage. You don’t want to settle down in an abusive relationship! Even if they are not abusive, constant fights because of their short temperament will ruin your life.

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  1. Men kids are afraid from

Such dominantly aggressive men are abusive towards kids and they might end up being abusive towards your kids!

  1. The ones who use “I” and “ME” often

A man who is constantly using “I will/I will not”, “don’t let her/ will let her” while referring to the life and life choices of their sisters, female friends and girlfriends are absolute “no”. You don’t want a man to dictate you everything, even if he is your husband. A husband must have limits here!

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  1. Dress police

The men who are always policing your dress won’t stop here after marriage. They will give you dictations on everything. Believe me, such a life is a terrible one. Such men are also over-possessive about their wives.

  1. Men who want to change you before marriage

The men who would tell you to change before marriage only because he doesn’t like it or that is against their family traditions are the men who later won’t defend their wives in front of their families!

  1. The one who makes fun of everyone

You would be the one whose fun he would be making in public. Beware of such psychopaths who believe that they are perfect ones!

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  1. Philosophical

The ones who have read philosophy and think they know all about humans and human behavior. All your life you would be told that your behavior is abnormal, and you won’t ever be able to justify yourself.

  1. Halting at difficult times

Those men who stop speaking to you when they are going through a tough time are the ones who think your life has no importance. They can halt your life/ relationship because they are not in a mood!

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