Two Three Marriages – A real fear for Saudi Wives

Polygamy does have a legal standing in Islam but only under specific conditions and circumstances. However, it’s sad but true that men now usually seem to opt for multiple wives just out of their sheer desire while ignoring all those requisite conditions for it. If you ever have been in Saudi Arab for some period, you must have come across the men having multiple wives. And what’s more interesting is, mostly they are not reluctant to accept that they are in polygamous marriages. You might even find them confidently flaunting the photos of their children from their different wives. That’s not something unusual to experience in the Kingdom.

While inviting his friends over, a man has to inform his wife in advance about which wife of his friend will come along. It’s usually in the case when guest’s wife is new for the host’s wife. Wow, having a new wife like having a new car, amazing! To the question that, if there exists a fear among Saudi women of their husbands taking another wife, you’ll get diversified answers. The majority of Saudi women, though they are not internally content with it, will give the impression of being OK with it accepting it as an Islamic right of men.

it’s not like that all Saudi marriages are polygamous, but there is a fear linked with it. There you can come across numerous instances in the society where husband go for another marriage even having a seemingly ‘Perfect Happy Marriage’ before. A lot of Saudi women have gone through such so-called ‘religiously permissible’ tragedy. Saudi men generally need no reason to go for another marriage – you can expect it from anyone. Nevertheless, the chances get higher for a man to be polygamous if he has such precedent in his family. If you as a woman want to take a safe side, take it as a warning signal. Though your present or prospective husband is not an advocate of polygamy, there is still a danger if it’s common among his family.

It’s not always like a bitter pill to swallow for Saudi women – there are some who happily accept other wives of their husbands. All wives might not always be living under one roof, but whenever there’s a time to come together like on some religious ceremony or family gatherings, you would find them nice to one another.   When we talk about new generations in Saudi Arab, they don’t seem to be as scared of men’s inclination toward polygamy.

The reason is not but the rising rates of inflation and recession that has obviously made it difficult for a man to easily afford multiple wives. Moreover, women now also have learned how to tackle the situation – they demand substantial dowry in marriage contracts.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.