Turkish TV Anchor Proposes his wife in front of the Holy Kaaba

Every girl has certain wishes regarding her wedding. She plans about her dress, jewelry, the function and many other things and it is absolutely fine to have such desires.

The wedding is certainly a life-changing event; one wants it to be perfect from the very beginning. One wants to start the new journey of life with good vibes and memories. 

The fiancé of Yusuf Akion also had a dream regarding her marriage. She wanted her future husband to propose her in front of the Holy Kaaba. She wanted him to present her the wedding ring kneeling on his knees in the Grand Mosque of Makkah.

In order to catch all the special moments, she asked Yusuf to film the whole event. Yusuf Akion is working at a Turkish Channel: a government TRT space channel to be specific. He is an announcer and a correspondent.

His father was the former Turkish media attaché to the Kingdom. On the request of his wife to be, Yusuf had proposed her in front of the Holy Kaaba in 2012, but she wanted him to kneel and then propose her.

She said until her wish wasn’t fulfilled she would not marry him. So in 2017, in accordance to demand of her fiancé, Yusuf Akion proposed the lady kneeling down on his knees, in the Grand Mosque, in front of the Holy Kaaba and filming the whole event.

He said that being in front of Holy Kaaba, he was ashamed of their blessed mothers but he had a feeling that he was doing something good. However, as the video was uploaded to social media, people started to criticize the act and therefore the video was ultimately removed. 

If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with having desires or putting certain demands before marriage. But what matters here is the place. I don’t judge the lady’s intention.

Maybe she wanted to start the journey of her new life from the blessed place. Maybe she wanted to have a promise from her husband while he is in front of the Kaaba. But one should consider the importance of the place. 

Holy Kaaba is certainly not a place for proposals. It is a place for worship. If you wanted to start the journey of your life with a new campaign with blessings, you can go to the grand mosque and pray for a blessed future.

But certainly, you cannot make it a proposal spot! It is a holy place which should be respected. You can ask your fiancé to propose you kneeling and filming the event in a park, at your house or anywhere: people won’t bother you.

But mind it; the mosques are made for prayers, not for filming the proposal events. They are the houses of Allah. If you are asking him to propose you, keep in mind that you are still a non-Mahram to him.

It is actually a sin to stare at a Non-Mahram even if he or she is your fiance and what if you are standing at the holiest place on the Earth.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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