Turkish professor dies while reciting the Holy Quran

Death is the utmost reality of life. Every living creature must die. However, what makes a difference is how you lived and what deeds you gathered before dying. They say that always be prepared for death, yet many of us are living as though we won’t ever die.

The life of Ustad Mehmet Ali Shaflak

The life and death of Ustad Mehmet Ali Shaflak have a great lesson for those who wish to learn. He has been a professor of the Holy Quran recitation in Turkey and had dedicated his life to spreading the positivity of Islam. He used his life to spread the teachings of Islam and the proper method of recitation of the Holy Quran.

His life was missioned upon being closer to Allah, to learn what the messenger Holy Prophet PBUH had given us in the form of Islamic teaching and to spread the knowledge of Islam. The 97 years old professor had motivation and dedication towards spreading the true picture of Islam.

He died while reciting the Holy Quran

He would spend most of his time reciting the Holy Quran, and he died doing so. The professor’s lips were reciting the message of the Holy Quran when he breathed his last on April 28th, 2020.

He died on the fifth of the Ramadan. According to the Hadith, the gates of heavens during Ramadan are kept open while those of hell are kept closed.

There are different opinions of scholars regarding dying in the month of Ramadan. Some believe that those who die in the month of Ramadan enter paradise while others believe they can be safeguarded from hellfire.

Even though we cannot assure you to die in the month of Ramadan as this is certainly not in our hands. However, what we can do is to assure that we die while undergoing good deeds, while not only being a Muslim but a practical Muslim.  May Allah guide us all. Ameen

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