A travel guide to Saudi Arabia for foreign students

Traveling as a student is an amazing experience. You are young enough to enjoy every experience to the fullest, without having to always think about your worries. At the same time, you are old enough to make mature decisions and to be a responsible traveler. So, in my opinion, college is the best time to study and grow, not only by attending classes but also through real-life experience. And the best way to get that?

Go to other places, see how other people live life and find something to learn from them! Saudi Arabia is a great place for you to travel to. Having a completely different culture compared to the west, you’ll find amazing opportunities to learn from. So, here are some travel tips for your journey!

  1. Getting there

Saudi Arabia is considered one of the final frontiers of tourism. Although it’s considered to be an exotic country, Saudi Arabia is well connected by major airlines, trough 6 major airports. Flying to this country won’t be difficult, because their religious tourism is very popular.

Before you buy your plane ticket, make sure you get your Student Visa and Travel Insurance! Once you get there, the best way for students to travel is the bus. The SPATCO is their national bus line. It is considered to be safe, reliable and cheap, with a wide network of stations. If you choose to rent a car, remember that they drive on the right side of the road.

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  1. What to do?

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam. The abundance of culture and religion you’ll find there is like nowhere else. The religious tourism there is amazing. You can take part in pilgrimages in Mecca if you are a Muslim or in Medina if you’re Non-Muslim. You can also visit the famous Temple of Madain Saleh but remember that nobody is allowed to stay there overnight, so be sure you’ll find a hotel. Religious tourism is one of the best ways to get in touch with local culture and traditions.

If you’re not interested in religious tourism, you can find some amazing student tourist spots near the big cities. You can take part in amazing desert safaris, ride camels for a whole day, and even find places where you can sandboard! If you’re interested in culinary tourism, Saudi Arabia food won’t disappoint you!

The most important thing for a student to do while traveling is to remember that you’ll have to return to your studies. Traveling is no excuse for you to not keep up with your assignments. If you feel like you’re falling behind while you’re traveling, use Australian Edubirdie essay helper. This way you’ll be able to visit a wonderful new culture, without the stress of your deadlines. So while visiting, enjoy the experience as much as you can.

  1. What not to do?

Being the birthplace of Islam has difficult parts too. Religion is a huge part of Saudi Arabia’s culture and this is why the country is considered “The Last Forbidden Kingdom”. The strong laws based on the Holy Book Quran might seem a little difficult to understand for foreigners.

For example, you won’t find pork meat almost anywhere. There’s no public display of your religious beliefs. So always keep in mind to be respectful and civilized, and remember that you find yourself in a completely different culture than your own.

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  1. Getting back home

Leaving home to travel as a student is a fantastic opportunity. You can learn more than you would a whole semester studying another country’s culture. You won’t find any essay topics that will make you feel uncertain about Saudi Arabia. Remember that when you get home, you have a responsibility towards your education, so get back to your studies.


Traveling as a student to Saudi Arabia is an opportunity. You get to experiment with a wonderful culture, at its birthplace. The amazing sights and places of great significance for one of the most important religions in the world are breathtaking. You have a lot to enjoy there, but always remember that you are a visitor in another culture. Be respectful and pay attention to their laws. You are the only one responsible for your well-being while traveling, so act accordingly. It works the same for when you come back home. Keep in mind that school doesn’t stop because you went on an amazing trip.   

BIO: Emma Rundle is a digital nomad, passionate about the world’s culture. Traveling the world and writing down her experiences makes Emma a great storyteller. Her dream of writing an article in every country in the world comes closer with every plane ticket!

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