How to know if Iqama is transferable?

We often hear that an employee with transferable Iqama has the right to transfer his sponsorship. What is transferable Iqama? How to check it? We have explained below.

What is transferable Iqama?

A transferable iqama means that your employer or sponsor has agreed to transfer your sponsorship to another employer in case you want to change your job.

Is it the right of an employee?

As per the new rules for transferring sponsorship in Saudi Arabia, an employee has the right to change jobs after completing his contract; therefore, his Iqama is always transferable except for the first year in Saudi Arabia.

The employee cannot transfer his Iqama to another employer during his first year in Saudi Arabia. However, if the employer does not issue him an Iqama within 90 days of his arrival to KSA, the employee can transfer the Iqama without Kafeel’s approval.

Is it the right of an employee to transfer sponsorship?

Check if it is transferable or not.

To keep it simple, almost all Iqamas are transferrable if your employer is willing to transfer your sponsorship.

It is just that some companies and organizations do not prefer releasing their employees who want to change their jobs. If they disagree and you have completed your contract with them, you can file an online complaint to the Saudi Labor Court.

Transferable Iqama

How to make your Iqama transferable?

As we have already explained, everything is in your employer’s or sponsor’s hands, so you must develop excellent relations with him. The process of filing a labor court case takes a long period of time and often results in losing the current job as well as the new one.

If you are working in a corporate entity, try to maintain good relations with the GRO of your company and the higher management, as they can make your iqama transferable.

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