How to transfer a dependent Iqama?

You need to follow a lengthy procedure to transfer a dependent's Iqama sponsorship be it a wife or son, to an employer or company. In this article, we have explained the procedures to;

  • Transfer dependent iqama to another employer.
  • Iqama transfer of Wife from Father to Husband.
  • Iqama transfer from a company to a husband/father.
  • Iqama transfer of family members after the death of the father.
  • Transfer dependent Iqama from Father to Mother

Transfer dependent iqama to another employer

Once you have arranged these documents; the employer can start the process to transfer dependent iqama;

  • The employer will create a request and select the profession to transfer dependent Iqama sponsorship into the Ministry of Labor system.
  • Upon submitting the application, the status of the dependent will appear as “pending the approval of the guardian.
  • The sponsor (father, husband) will log in to the Absher system and approve or refuse the option to transfer his dependent’s sponsorship.
  • After the approval from the father/husband, the request will be forwarded to the Ministry of Interior for approval.
  • After the approval from the MOI, the employer has to complete the transfer of sponsorship within 14 days by visiting the Jawazat office.
  • In some cases, the MOI might ask to produce a waiver letter from the employer of father/husband duly attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

Transfer dependent iqama to another employerFine for working without Iqama transfer

If a dependent is found working for a sponsor without transferring his/her sponsorship, he will be penalized in the following way;

  • SR 1,000 fine for the first time.
  • SR 2,000 fine for the first time.
  • SR 3,000 fine + deportation for the third time.

Iqama transfer of Wife from Father to Husband

If two expatriates get married in Saudi Arabia, the Iqama sponsorship of wife can be transferred from her father to husband.

Required documents

  1. Waiver letter from the employer of the husband duly attested by the Chamber of Commerce allowing the iqama transfer.
  2. A NOC from the father signed in front of the Jawazat officer. The format can be taken by the agents sitting in front of Jawazat.
  3. Iqama transfer form which can be filled by the agents too.
  4. A copy of the marriage certificate.
  5. Original passport + Iqama of the wife.
  6. A copy of the Iqama of wife + husband + father.
  7. Payment of fee for the transfer of wife's sponsorship from father to husband.

visa transfer-wife-from father to husband

Visit Jawazat

Submit all the documents to the Jawazat who will review your request and transfer the Iqama sponsorship of wife from father to the husband in the system. After that, you can go to another window to print a copy of the new Iqama.

Iqama transfer from a company to a husband/father

Required documents

In order to transfer a dependent's sponsorship from a company to an individual (father/husband), you need to arrange the following documents;

  1. A copy of the Job contract.
  2. The proof of termination of the contract.
  3. A proof that he/she was a dependent and his service was transferred.
  4. Iqama copy of the dependent.

Who is entitled?

It is worth mentioning that iqama transfer from a company to husband/father is only possible for;

  • A Spouse.
  • An unmarried daughter.

You cannot transfer the Iqama of a son from a company/employer.

The process of Iqama transfer

On the next page, you need to enter the required details and submit the application;

  • Select the reason: Dependent has been transferred.
  • Enter the details of your case.
  • Attach all the supporting evidence to support your case.

iqama transfer from husband to company

Post Application Process

The authorities will review the application and approved or reject the request.

If the request is approved, you need to visit the Jawazat office to get the print of the Iqama.

Iqama transfer of family members in case of death

God forbids if the head of a family dies, they can transfer the family members can transfer their sponsorship to another family member who is already employed by an establishment in Saudi Arabia. e.g. after the father's death, the iqama can be transferred to one of his sons.

Required documents

  1. A letter of request by the person who wants to take the sponsorship of the family.
  2. Waiver letter from the employer allowing the iqama transfer.
  3. Salary certificate issued by the company duly attested by the chamber of commerce.
  4. The GOSI certificate.
  5. Copies of Iqama + Passport of all family members. 
  6. Copies of Birth Certificates of all family members. 
  7. Copy of the passport + iqama of the deceased family member.
  8. Death Certificate.
  9. A letter of confirmation that the sister is unmarried.
  10. Iqama transfer form filled for each family member.
  11. Two passport size photographs of each family member.

Visit Jawazat

Take these documents to the Legal Affairs Department in Jawazat. They will then verify all your documents and issue a letter addressed to the courts stating that your case is authentic. 

Letter from the Court

Before visiting the court, make sure you have arranged the following;

  • 4 witnesses to state that your father is dead and you are the legal guardian now.
  • A copy of the letter from the Jawazat.
  • All the above-mentioned documents.

The court will register your case and present you to a Judge. The judge will question the witnesses and once he is fully convinced, he will hand the witnesses a paper to sign. Once you and the witnesses have all signed the paper, the court will issue the letter.

Submit the documents to Jawazat

Now get back to the legal affairs department in Jawazat and submit all the documents to them along with the letter from the court. They will issue you the print of the new Iqama.

Renewal of Iqama

You can renew the family Iqama through the “Sponsorees” option in your Absher account by paying the following two kinds of fee;

  • SR 1,000 per family member for the renewal for 2 years.
  • The Dependent Fee.

Transfer dependent Iqama from Father to Mother

According to the Saudi Residency Law, if the final exit of the sponsor is issued, all his or her dependents need to travel with him on a final exit. However, in case the wife is working under the sponsorship of another employer, she can transfer the sponsorship of her children to her name.

Required Documents

  • A waiver letter by the employer of the wife duly attested by the Chamber of Commerce allowing her the Iqama transfer.
  • A letter from the Father requesting the Iqama transfer on a blank paper. Agents sitting outside Jawazat can help you write this letter.
  • Iqama transfer form for each child.
  • Copies of Iqama + passport for each family member.
  • Payment of fee for the transfer of dependent's sponsorship.

Visit Jawazat

  • The new sponsor (wife) will have to present all the above-mentioned documents to Jawazat.
  • They will review the documents and if the application is accepted, you will be able to print the new Iqamas for your children. 

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