How to transfer car ownership in KSA?

If you want to buy a used car in Saudi Arabia, you can transfer its ownership to your name online by fulfilling some requirements. However, the procedure to transfer car ownership of a seven-seater car in KSA is manual.

Keep in mind that a fine of SR 100 to SR 300 is imposed if you are caught driving without transferring vehicle ownership.

Requirements for car ownership transfer

The following are the requirements to transfer car ownership in KSA.

  • Original Iqama of the buyer.
  • The driving license of the buyer.
  • The original iqama of the seller.
  • The original Istimara or vehicle registration.
  • A copy of the valid Fahas.
  • The buyers and sellers must have access to the phone numbers registered with Absher.
  • A third party or comprehensive insurance.

Get the Insurance

Once you have agreed on the price of the car, make sure to get cheap car insurance online. You can compare the quotes of third-party or comprehensive insurance online and select the one which suits you.

In case your wife wants to drive your car in Saudi Arabia, make sure to register her as an additional driver while taking the insurance. 

The car transfer offices can also arrange insurance but they charge their commission and you will have to negotiate the price of the insurance with them.

Visit the Car transfer office near you

Now, you need to select the car transfer office near you. Most of the car transfer offices are located around traffic police stations. The timings of car transfer offices are;

  • 9 am to 2 pm.
  • 5 pm to 10 pm.

office to transfer car ownership in ksa

Sign the Contract

The buyer and seller need to visit the car transfer office along with the above-mentioned requirements. The agent will prepare a contract and ask both of you to sign it.

Make the payment

At this moment, you need to make the payment to the seller. You can either pay it in cash or transfer it to the seller's bank account. In case the buyer and sellers are using the same bank, it will take less than a minute to transfer the money.

Confirm it through the Absher

Soon he will process the request in the system and both the seller and buyer will receive an authentication code from the Absher confirming the transfer of car ownership. You need to tell this code to the agent to complete the transfer of car ownership procedure.

The process to transfer car ownership is online so the buyer and seller can do it anytime.

transfer car ownership through Absher

The fee

The fee for the transfer of car ownership in Saudi Arabia is around SR 400. It is paid by the buyer.

Printing the Istimara

The agent will keep the car Istimara of the sold vehicle and print a paper for you stating the details of your car and vehicle registration number. You will have to go to the Maroor office to print a new copy of the Istimara.

Seven-seater vehicle

The process to transfer ownership of a seven-seater car is manual. Therefore, the transfer can only take place during Muroor (traffic police) working hours.

The car transfer agent will take you to the Ma'rad office and let you sign a contract in front of them for the sale of the vehicle.

They will handover some documents to the buyer and ask him to visit the Muroor office to get the print of the Istimara.

Buyer and Seller in different cities

In case the buyer and the seller are living in two different cities, the seller needs to visit the car transfer office along with all the requirements given above.

The transfer of car ownership will be done easily if the seller can provide the authentication code sent to his mobile phone registered with the Absher.

Transfer of Car ownership from Bank to Individual

In case you have leased a car from the bank to your name in KSA, you can transfer the ownership following this procedure.

  • Pay off all the dues to the bank.
  • Submit all the above-mentioned required documents for the transfer of car ownership to the bank.
  • Pay the transfer fee i.e. around SR 525 to the bank.
  • Get the Istimara within 2 weeks of submitting the request from the same bank.



How many cars can you own in Saudi Arabia?

A Saudi can own as many cars as he wants. However, an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia can own only 2 cars at a time.

Can I transfer car ownership to my son?

In order to transfer the car ownership to your son, you will have to follow the same procedure as explained above.

Can a wife drive the husband's car in Saudi Arabia?

A wife can drive the husband's car in KSA without transferring the title. Make sure to register her as an additional driver while taking the insurance. 

How long does it take to transfer ownership?

As we have explained above, the process to transfer car ownership is pretty simple in Saudi Arabia and it should not take more than a couple of hours.

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