How to transfer balance from Virgin to Virgin?

There are 2 methods to transfer balance or share load or credit from one Virgin number to another one. Here are the details;

Method 1: Transfer balance through a code

The first way to transfer balance from Virgin to Virgin is to press the following code on your mobile screen and press the dial button.

  • Dial *103#
  • Press “1” to transfer credit.
  • Enter the mobile number of the recipient. 
  • Enter the amount to be transferred.
  • Enter the Credit Transfer PIN.
  • Default Credit Transfer PIN: 1234.

transfer balance from Virgin to Virgin

The system will display a confirmation SMS that your request to transfer the balance to the given number has been received successfully.

  • Minimum Amount: SR 5.
  • Maximum Amount: SR 50.
  • Transfer Fee: SR 0.5.

transfer balance from Virgin to Virgin

Method 2: Transfer with Virgin Application

The second way to transfer balance is using the mobile Application. In order to do that;

  • Virgin Application PlayStore.
  • Virgin Application on iTunes.
  • Register your account.
  • Find the option to transfer credit.

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