Saudi wife gifts husband SR 300k traffic fine on 2nd marriage

A woman in Saudi Arabia who was angry at her husband’s decision of 2nd marriage spent the night of his second wedding on a very creative form of revenge. 

The Saudi woman spent the whole night committing traffic violations worth SR 300,000 on a car owned by her husband.

It is the highest total fine ever registered by Saher. The irritated wife took a small van of her husband while he was rejoicing his 2nd wedding and she planned with her brother for a joyride to pass through red lights as many times as it could be.

The registration plate could be picked up by security cameras. As per Gulf News, both the brother and his sister were violating traffic rules throughout the evening, crossing red lights repeatedly and building up fines totaling approximately $80k which is SR 300,000.

A video clip of the car passing a red traffic light and reversing it to repeat the violation getting caught by the Saher cameras went viral on the internet. We have shared the video at the end of the article.

Source: Gulf News

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