20 Tourist Places to visit in Taif

Taif, the city of colors has so many tourist spots, places to visit, things to do, and attractions that can keep you busy for several days. Here are some places to visit in Taif.

Taif Zoo

If you are traveling with children, it is probably the best tourist spot for you in Taif. There is not a huge variety of animals there but it is enough to amuse your children.

  • Taif zoo entry fee: SR 15 for above 3 years.
  • Taif zoo timings: 9 am to 12 am.
  • Taif Zoo Location.

Taif Zoo - places to visit in taif

Dolphin and Sea Lion show

It is always better to visit King Fahd Zoo after 5 pm as it gives you an opportunity to visit Dolphin and Sea Lion show. Once again, if you are with children, it is one of the best things to do in Taif.

The dolphins are very talented and you can take photos with them if you want, with an additional price of SR 75.

Dolphin and Sea Lion show - taif tourist spot

Al Ruddaf Park

Al Ruddaf Park is the most visited tourist place in Taif. You can find restaurants, coffees, large playing areas, plants, neat bathrooms, 3D models, huge dancing fountains, waterfalls, a football playground, beautiful views, and more!

Al Ruddaf Park - taif tourist places

Telefric Cable Car

Teleferic Taif cable car is the world’s longest cable car system without any pillars. The 20 mins one-way ride on telefric is probably the best thing to do in Taif during your visit.

  • Taif cable car tickets price: SR 84.
  • Telefric Cable Car + Taif Water Amusement Park = SR 147.
  • Timing: 6 am to 8 pm.
  • Telefric Cable Car location.

Telefric Cable Car - things to do in taif

Taif Water Amusement Park

Al Kar Tourist Village is one of the top tourist attractions in Taif and people who visit the city in summer don’t miss visiting this exotic place. While women can enter, the rides are dedicated to children and males only.

  • Taif water amusement park ticket prices: SR 125.
  • Telefric Cable Car + Taif Water Amusement Park = SR 147.
  • Taif Water Park Location.

Taif Water Amusement Park - taif attractions

Tera Mall

Tera Mall is way different from traditional shopping malls in Taif due to its royal looks and it offers different types of indoor and open-air cafés designed like the famous street in France (Champs-Élysées).

places to visit in Taif - Tera Mall

Taif City Walk

If you are done with the tourist places to visit, let’s eat at Taif City Walk. There are so many world-recognized restaurants there. You can walk in the pleasant weather of Taif in this area.

There is a movie theater “MUVI” here where you can watch a  movie too. Overall, the ambiance of the place is amazing.

Taif City Walk

Strawberry Farm

If you visit Taif during autumn or winter, it is the best tourist place to visit as you would have the opportunity to pick strawberries yourself.

There are a few kiosks that sell drinks, strawberries, ice cream, and various trinkets, but above all, my favorite section is the bird enclosure.

  • Strawberry Farm Timings: 7 AM to 12 AM.
  • Strawberry Farm Ticket Price: SR 35.
  • Strawberry Farm Location.

Strawberry Farm - places to visit in taif

Bird Park

If you are a tourist who loves birds, the bird park in Taif is the place you should visit. There are many birds quite happy to sit on you or be fed out of your hands.

Bird Park - taif tourist spot

Ghazal Resort – Shifa

Ghazal Resort in Shifa came up with an amazing idea of building a hotel, restaurant on a mountain with an exotic view of the city.

Even if you do not want to stay here, you can come and drink a cup of coffee in the most romantic place in Taif city.


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Teen Farm and Cafe

A perfect place for teens to gather with a range of activities conveniently located in one location At Teen Farm in Taif. You can find a cafe, restaurant, coffee roaster, animal farm, bird garden, and more!

Teen Farm and Cafe in Taif

Al Shareef Museum

Tourists who want to travel in the past should visit the Al Shareef museum in Taif. This small museum has on display a range of antiques from cars, to phones to cookware. It would not take long to walk around, but it is worth a visit.

  • Al Shareef Museum Location
  • Al Shareef Museum Timing: 4 pm to 12 am.
  • Al Shareef Museum Ticket: SR 20/adult.

Al Shareef Museum - tourist attraction in Taif

Rose Factory

Rose Factory is a beautiful Taif attraction for nature lover tourists. You should visit this place between Dec to March as you would be able to see roses on the plants. There is no roses rest of the year.

Rose Factory - Taif Tourist attraction

Taif Zip Line – بساط الريح

If you are a tourist who loves to visit adventurous places, Taif Zip Line is the place to visit. There are 3 phases of the zip line with 336 meters, 396 meters and 747 meters, the last one being the most thrilling.

  • Zip Line Speed: 30km/hr to 55km/hr.
  • Taif Zip Line Location.
  • Zip Line Ticket: SR 115.

Zip Line - adventurous place to visit in Taif

Al Shafa Village

Al Shafa village is located at the top of the Sarawat mountains, rich in agriculture production, and one of the most attractive tourist spots in Taif.

Make sure to carry warm clothes for children when you visit Al Shafa village. There are some amusement parks there where your children can enjoy themselves.

Al Shafa Village - taif tourist places

Jabal Dakka

When you visit Al Shafa, make sure to visit Jabal Dakka, the highest point of that region with an altitude of 2,500 meters.

There is a restaurant there with the name Resort Beit Al-Ward where you can bring your food and rent a table for SR 58 to enjoy the scenic beauty. 

Jabal Dakka - things to do in taif

Al Hosn Heritage Village

It is a small heritage village that provides the perfect spot to take pictures. If you are a tourist who wants to take a lot of pictures with beautiful surroundings and some old cars and wells, this is the place to visit in Taif.

Al Hosn Heritage Village - taif attractions

Jabra Palace

Jabra Palace was first constructed around 1,300 years ago. The palace which stands on top of a hill overlooking many lush farms and orchards on the slopes of Wadi Jabra is a great attraction for tourists visiting Taif.

The palace consists of two floors, a huge hall, and an entrance decorated with beautiful ornamentations, with a fountain in the middle of its courtyard. However, it is not well maintained by the Saudi government.

Jabra Palace - Taif tourist attraction

Souq Okaz

Souq Okaz is an open-air market or Souq. The government of Saudi Arabia organized the Souq Okaz festival every year and one who is residing in Saudi Arabia must not miss this Taif tourist spot.

  • Souk Okaz Festival 2021 is expected after Hajj.
  • Souq Okaz Location

Souq Okaz - places to visit in taif

Al Wahba Crater

Around 250 kilometers from Taif lies Al Wahba Crater, which is an awesome place to visit for tourists. It is not a volcanic crater but formed with a falling meteor from space.

You can go down to click pics but mind your foot, the small stones are slippery. Make sure to wear a good pair of shoes.

  • A big NO on taking kids here.
  • No to aged people as well.
  • NO, if you have breathing issues.
  • Al Wahba Crater Location.

Al Wahba Crater - places to visit in Taif


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