8 tourist places to visit in Najran

Najran is just 15 Km away from the border of Yemen and is full of beautiful tourist places to visit and things to do. The ancient name of Najran is Abu Alsoud.

Najran Regional Musuem

Najran Museum contains unique and historical evidence that unfolds the history and culture of the region. A tourist who wants to understand the history of Najran should visit this place at the beginning of his tour.

  • Najran Museum Location.
  • Najran Museum Timing: 8 am to 5:30 pm.

Najran Regional Musuem - tourist place to visit in Najran

Ashab-ul-Ukhdud – people of ditch

In 525 A.D, the last King of Himyar known as Dhu Nawwas converted to Judaism and burnt around 20,000 Christians alive at this place. This has been narrated as the story of Ashab-ul-Ukhdud (أَصْحَـٰبُ ٱلْأُخْدُودِ) in the Holy Quran.

There is still a hole there where these Christians were burnt alive. Considering its historical and Islamic importance, visiting this site is one of the most important things to do in Najran.

  • Al-Okhdood Archeological City Location.

Al-Ukhdud Archaeological Site - historical place to visit in Najran

Najran Valley Dam

Najran Valley Dam is the largest dam in Saudi Arabia and therefore it should be in your top tourist places to visit in Najran. You can go there and spend some quality time with its calmness, silence, and serenity with the sound of birds chirping in the background.

Najran Valley Dam

Castle of Rome

The Yemeni army constructed the castle of Rome when they took over Najran in 1929 AD at a height of 1,000 meters. To visit the court of Rome, you need to do heavy hiking for around 30 mins to go + 30 mins to come back. 

The top of the mountain provides an exotic view of the city of Najran; therefore, tourists love to visit this place.

Castle of Rome in Najran

Qasr al-Aan or Qasr al-Saadan

Aan Palace (previously known as Qasr al Saadan) was built in 1688 A.D. with mud and clay. The palace is surrounded by a 7-meters high wall with four towers and the main gate. This place is a true reflection of the old Najrani construction style loved by tourists who visit it.

Qasr al Aan Location.

Qasr al-Saadan

Emara Palace

The construction of Emara palace was started in 1942 by the order of the Emir of Najran at the time, Turki bin Madi. Now this place is being maintained by the Ministry of Tourism and has become one the most important tourist place to visit in Najran.

Emara Palace - tourist place to visit in Najran

King Fahd Park

If you want to spend some time in a park in Najran with the fountain show, King Fahd Park is the place to visit. The park does not offer much except its calm environment and green lush fields.

King Fahd Park

Qaryat Al Faw

Around 300 kilometers from Najran towards Wadi Dawasir lies Qaryat al Faw, a 2,100 years old city. Around the first century BC, this city had been made the capital of the Kindah Kingdom. 

It then grew to a total size of 3 square kilometers and was known by people during those times as the City of Gardens or the Red City. If you are a tourist interested in Saudi history, visit this place in Najran.

Qaryat Al Faw - places to visit in Najran

Najran Cuisine

While you are staying in Najran, make sure to eat some of its traditional cuisines, which have become the trademark of the city.

  • Al-Burr: a breakfast meal.
  • Al-Wafed: a thick kind of round-shaped wheat bread.
  • Al-Maasooba: made of ground corn flour.
  • Ar-Ruksh: a soft kind of bread presented in a pot.
  • Al-Margoog: consists of dough that is cut into small slices.

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